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  • Penetration Testing common test scenarios

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    Penetration Testing common test scenarios:-

    Hello Readers..
    By this blog i am sharing few important testing scenarios related to the penetration testing. These are common test scenarios. I hope these will help to all in time of penetration testing.

    These are mentioned as below:-

    • Verify when web application is capable to determine spam assaults or attacks on contact forms applied in the website.
    • Verify to assure that whole network or computers or machines are secured with Firewall. Firewall can stop dispatch data or information outside the network without you approval.
    • Check all HTTP approaches. PUT and Delete approach should not be allowed on the web server.
    • Verify if network traffic is observed by proxy equipments. When we use proxy server then it is very tough or hackers to obtain any internal information of the network.
    • Verify the software or application for SQL Injection.
    • Verify the software or application for Cross Site Scripting.
    • Check for the details or information which is collected in the cookies of the website.This stored information should not be in understandable arrangement.
    • Verify that any logon page of the application should be blocked after some unsuccessful login tries.
    • Check for the all input fields with large input string including space and without space.
    • Check for the reset password utility is protected.
    • Check for the buffer overflow and memory leakage.
    • Check for the user session endings towards log off.
    • Check for the directory exploring is disabled on the server.
    • Check that whole records should be scanned ahead transferring to the server.
    • Check for the all passwords and usernames are encoded and carried over the protected connection. For exp https
    • Check for the network security of WIFI.
    • Verify that password should be minimum 8 characters long with including at least one number and one special character.
    • Verify for all the phone appliances.
    • Check for the all database and applications versions should be up to date.
    • Check for the entering network traffic is scanned to discover the Trojan attacks.

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