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  • Features of PDF Unlocker Utility Software Its Necessity and Benefits

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    Summary: This segment profoundly discusses about the need of protecting PDF’s along with situation to unlock them later with third party utilities like PDF Unlocker by BitRecover and its benefits over other tools.


    Portable Document Format files i.e. PDF files are abundantly used by a vast user base. These documents are portable due to its versatility. This document format of file can be used over a variety of operating systems as well as clients, which shows the immense amount of versatility it owns. Meanwhile, the user simply has to download and install a freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader on their systems before reading these documents. Hence, users starting from student group to that of business and legal associate groups, all make abundant use of these documents for referring notes, creating case reports, or product manuals, etc according to their requirement. The widely spread acceptability of PDF files over any OS, application, client, or device, etc grow the concerns regarding its security as well. Due to the respective matter, most users protect their documents with password protections of different types to block out unauthorized users from accessing and misusing it. Meanwhile, because of some unfortunate events users also come across the need of cracking the password security of documents and this segment explains about the same in detail.


    PDF Files and Its Security


    Security of Portable Document Files is a significant matter as without protection these files can be used by anyone, over any device or system without any restrictions imposed on the misuse. There are two types of passwords with which one can protect their document.

    • Owner Password
    • User Password


    The Owner Password simply restricts an unauthorized user from performing certain actions on the document other than viewing it. Accessing the document and viewing an owner password protected document is possible but performing actions like; printing it, copying content from it, etc is restricted as per the owner’s requirement. While on the other hand, User Password is assigned to a document to strictly block its access, this way the document cannot even be viewed at all leave the question of performing actions on it.


    Unfortunate Events


    In some specific unforeseen cases, users are confronted with the need of cracking their own document password. This may be experienced when either the password is forgotten by the user or they have lost it. As there isn’t a manual procedure or trick to crack these passwords; users often are stuck with the dilemma as to how will they be to break restrictions from their document then?


    External Software Programs to Unlock PDF


    As manual procedures are unavailable, the only alternate option that remains usable is a third party application. These programs are built with technical instillations, which make them effortless at operational end yet technical at performance. Similarly, PDF Unlocker by BitRecover is amongst a few dependable applications available in the online market for overcoming the respective necessity. All you have to do is make investments and get BitRecover PDF Unlocker product key to activate its full-fledged usage.


    Helpful Features of PDF Unlocker Tool


    • Helpfully permits the users to remove restrictions from the PDF file in order to allow you the ability to:
    1. Copy
    2. Print
    3. Edit
    4. Extract the database stored in it
    • The software is designed with highly advanced features that allow the users to remove owner level password in order to remove the encryption done on the PDF document
    • The software is standalone and can remove restrictions without the installation of Adobe Acrobat on the computer system on which the unlocking process has to be performed


    Wrapping Up


    Whatever your requirement might, be you will get all of them fulfilled successfully here with PDF Unlocker tool that has the potential to remove restrictions from a PDF file without tampering its data in any circumstance


    Author Bio: PDF Unlocker by BitRecover is one of its finest creations specifically designed to unlock password protected PDF files amongst other advanced utilities like; Exchange Recovery, Excel Recovery, PDF Recovery, etc.

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