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  • Importance of Microsoft .NET Development Services in Todays Processes

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    Now is an exciting time to be a developer of the .Net space. There are changes being made to the offerings, and additions to the platform. Furthermore, Microsoft is making various operating systems as well as competing devices first-class citizens into its own ecosystem. .NET development services continue to be in demand.


    .Net, with its revolutionary innovation has become popular for developing business-oriented apps for many years. Microsoft .Net development services implement hundreds of projects across all industry verticals. Software developers have rich expertise in customizing solutions, using SharePoint, C#, WebServices and a whole lot more. Customization with Microsoft technologies favors making the app as per one’s budget and specifications. Anywhere in the world, there are service providers that cater to various Microsoft .Net services requirements.


    Relevance of Microsoft .Net Development Services



    .Net is an openly available server-based web app structure that is intended for web advancement for delivering dynamic web pages. It’s a re-use of Asp.Net being a measured web structure, along with various systems, such as Entity Framework. The new structure uses the new open source. Dot net development services are very relevant at present.


    There are a lot of reasons to go for Microsoft .Net when developing a website or an app. Low cost, high speed and huge language support are among the most significant benefits. .Net enables a developer to select from various development environments. Moreover, its popularity provides a developer tons of online resources when it comes to learning new things or troubleshooting bugs.


    Apps and websites made with Microsoft .Net could be faster compared to a website built with PHP for instance. .NET apps are compiled, meaning that code is translated into object code that’s then executed.



    There are a couple of supported implementations for creating server-side apps with .Net., namely the .Net Core and the .Net Framework. Both share a lot of the similar components and code could be shared across the two. Nonetheless, there are fundamental differences between the two. The choice depends on what to accomplish.


    Using .Net Core for a server app when:

    1. There is cross-platform needs
    2. Targeting micro-services
    3. Using Docker containers
    4. Needs side-by-side .Net versions per app
    5. Need scalable and high-performance systems


    Using .NET Framework for a server app when:

    1. An app currently uses .Net Framework
    2. App uses .Net technologies that are not available for .Net Core
    3. App uses third-party .Net libraries
    4. App uses a platform which do not support .Net Core



    Microservices architecture makes it possible to mix techs across the service boundary. The tech mix allows gradual embrace of .Net Core for new microservices, which work with other services. For instance, one could mix microservices or services, which are developed with .Net Framework, Ruby, Java or other monolithic technologies. There are plenty of infrastructure platforms available for Microsoft .Net development services. Azure Service Fabric is designed for complex and big microservice systems. Azure App Service is a great choice for stateless microservices. Alternatives of microservices that are based on Docker, fit any type of microservices approach. All the platforms support .NET Core, make them ideal for hosting microservices.



    These days, with the tough competition and the constant evolution of technology, cost is a critical factor when developing a website. One of the main benefits of .Net development is that it’s very cost effective when it comes to development. When setting up a website in PHP for instance, often one would pay for the development environment, the FTP client and perhaps even the database server. If using WordPress, odds are that one would be paying for that too. Dot net development services on the other hand could be developed almost completely for free. The development environment, server costs, FTP client could be avoided easily. The only cost would be the hosting.


    .Net is written using Object Oriented Programming languages, like C#, C++, There are some that would argue that the languages provide a developer more control or freedom over code. With all the benefits of .Net, it’s no wonder that it would be very popular. The wonderful thing about using a popular framework is that the developer community and support is easy to find and well founded. There are tons of tips, great guides and meetups even for .Net across all corners of the web with a fast google search. Furthermore, products that use .Net are updated frequently to meet modern and contemporary development standards, thus one would not fall behind in technology. So many software development companies continue providing Microsoft .Net development services.


    As a whole, .Net is a wonderful framework for use across the board when developing websites or web apps. It’s easy to use, fast, reliable and widely known. .Net framework provide full control of the development and could be used easily on any project, big or small.


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