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  • Hi Sachin,

    The answer to your question itself lies within the statement "SEO is highly structured with stringent rules" and yes SEO is organic which is organised with certain strict rules and regulation as defined by major search engines like Google. Google is consistently working on maintaining a benchmark for the latest algorithm(rules or guidelines) and always comes up with well strategized organic SEO updates which are completely against the unfair means of SEO like black hat SEO. Google also monitors each and every behavior of users and apply it to develop its guidelines which completely says, those who follow the natural ways to optimize a website will only get authenticity & credibility and will get good position on search engine result page on specific keyword search. Apart from this an Organic SEO helps to drive highly relevant traffic towards your business through search engines and social channels, as a result of which the brand value of your business will enhance.

    So it is always required to follow a well strategised Organic SEO with quality content, keywords and other necessary parameters of SEO because only Organic SEO efforts are rewarded and appreciated by Google.

  • The terms Organic SEO means: Receiving traffic from the keywords, which are searched by the user on the various search engine on a particular website. Lets focus on the question, Is SEO Organic?


    Yes, SEO Is Organic: All search engine are working according to the search algorithm, we know that Google has launched many search algorithm like- Penguin, Panda, hummingbird etc, to improve search results. SEO is not an easy task, after launching all search algorithm by Google.  Now we have to work according to all search algorithm, if it doesnt work according to algorithm website, Google will put a penalty.


    Following are the points given below to increase organic traffic on a particular website:


    • Page Content: Content is the king of any website, so put high-quality page content.
    • Page Title: Page title plays a very crucial role on any website to increase organic traffic. So we need to focus on that and add our targeted keywords on page title.
    • Link Building- Increase the number of high-quality backlinks.
    • The landing page should be user-friendly.
    • Use HD resolution images in web pages with alt tags.


  • Hello Ranjeet, Thanks for the answer but as far I understood your answer means organic search and traffic, and in 2nd para you are reffing to SEO Algorithms and their after same as in first para how to increase Search traffic through different techniques.

    So the answer is not accurate exactly saying "Is SEO Organic, Why?" I am looking for.

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