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  • Top 7 WordPress SEO Plugins to Improve Your Websites Presence in 2020

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    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the ultimate process/technique to get organic traffic for your website. Whether it is a start-up or a business running for a long time, every person wants to improve his website’s online presence with time. For that, everyone uses different approaches, else take SEO services from the professionals.


    So, if you are also searching for the same, then you should read this article once. It throws light on the top 7 WordPress SEO plugins that will definitely help you improve your website’s presence in the year 2020. Spend some time on this write-up and get benefits.


    Plugin #1: Yoast SEO


    This plugin is known as the king among all SEO plugins. It has more than 5 million downloads with 5-star ratings in WordPress repo. The numbers itself define its popularity.


    Yoast Seo Plugin Review

    Yoast Seo Plugin Review


    The plugin handles multiple aspects of your WordPress SEO website. So, by using this plugin, you can achieve lots of targets, such as -

    • Controls the blog indexing
    • Adds SEO title
    • Creates a sitemap file
    • Adds meta value to the homepage
    • Improves the readability of the blog
    • SMO of image, title, and description
    • Adds meta value to a single post
    • Sets focus keyword
    • Analyzes the on-page SEO factors


    You know what’s the most amazing thing with this plugin. You can use all the above-mentioned features for free. Yes, it’s a truth. All you need to do is download the plugin for free of cost and use it.


    Now, the premium version is also available that contains the following features, that are:

    • Focus keyword export
    • Redirection
    • Yoast Internal linking suggestion
    • Google, Facebook, and Twitter previews.

    If you have enough budget, then you can go for this version and enjoy some additional benefits.


    Plugin #2: Broken Link Checker


    It is essential to update and create existing and new content on a regular basis. Here the problems arise as it becomes difficult to manage them all. As the sites grow, the number of internal and external links also increases and you need to manage them all. So, in such a situation, a broken link checker comes into the scene. It is known as one of the best SEO WordPress plugins that every website should contain. Its name itself denotes that the plugin checks the content for broken links and missing images.


    Broken Link Checker

    Broken Link Checker


    The features included in this plugin are:

    • Detects the missing images, non-working links, and redirects.
    • Option to restrict search engines from the broken links.
    • Monitor linking in posts, pages, and custom fields.
    • Option to provide a different look to the broken link.
    • Option to search and filter link by anchor text and URLs.


    Error 404 and broken links affect the SEO of the website. In such a case, you can use this plugin to recover them.


    Plugin #3: Schema- All In One Schema Rich Snippets


    Every person running a business wants to optimize the website to increase web-traffic from Google. Sometimes it also helps the website rank on Google’s first page, but not enough to drive traffic. For that, there is a need to do additional optimization like Schema markup. So, all you need to do is install a rich snippet plugin. It is known as additional interactive content or visually rich snippet that gets pop-up on the Google search result.


    Schema Wordpress Plugin - All In One Schema Rich Snippets

    Schema- All In One Schema Rich Snippets


    Sometimes, you have also noticed that some search results have star ratings and good reviews. That is known as a rich snippet. When you add Schema, then the search engine understands the content effectively. Moreover, the rich snippet can help you get better CTR and traffic.


    Plugin #4: AMP


    After the mobile-friendliness update, everyone realized the importance of mobile search. Here, the race of mobile optimization begins. The themes become more responsive and optimized. But, there is one issue faced by everyone, i.e., it takes time to load everything on a mobile device. The consequence of it is, it creates dissatisfaction in users. But, then comes the ultimate solution to this problem, i.e., Accelerated mobile page or AMP.


    AMP Plugin of Wordpress

    AMP Plugin of Wordpress


    It is an open-source project designed to optimize mobile pages to load faster. The process is quite complex, but AMP makes everything simpler and faster. The AMP plugin contains multiple features, such as -

    • You can enable AMP on posts, pages, and media.
    • It supports the latest editor, i.e., Gutenberg.
    • Use caching for faster loading.
    • Easy to manage everything.

    Even Google started displaying AMP results in the search results. You also have noticed sometimes that green lightning symbol below the title. It is more attracting and leads to better CTR.


    Plugin #5: Jetpack


    Undoubtedly the WordPress plugin is full of plugins that vary according to the purposes. Whatever be the requirement, most probably there would be a plugin. When you use the Jetpack plugin, then it can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.


    Jetpack Plugin By Wordpress

    Jetpack Plugin


    The companies that use WordPress have a Jetpack plugin installed. Right now, this plugin has 5+ million active installations. It includes some ultimate features:

    • SEO tools to maximize search traffic.
    • Lazy image loading feature for the faster pages loading experience.
    • Much improves site stats and analytics.
    • Site backup option.
    • Site speed and performance optimization.
    • Provides an option to add a mobile theme.
    • Provide security features like brute-force attack, security scanning, spam filtering, etc. 

    In addition, Jetpack keeps on updating its new features from time to time.


    Plugin #6: EWWW Image Optimizer


    Apart from the text-based content, sometimes there is a requirement of images and infographics. No matter, whatever the niche is, you need to post an image on a regular basis. So, here it plays a great role in improving SEO and user engagement. A good SEO practice also involves image optimization. As the page speed is including in the ranking factor, every website owner is concentrating more on the loading of the pages. Of course, heavy images consume more time and the chances of a bounce rate increase.


    EWWW Image Optimizer

    EWWW Image Optimizer


    So, to resolve this, image optimizer comes into the play and nowadays, multiple image optimizer plugins are available and EWWW is one of them. It has some top features:

    • Provide options for both lossy and lossless compression.
    • Offers GIF, JPG, PNG, and PDF optimization.
    • Provide the option to remove meta-data.
    • No boundation on the number of uploaded images.

    One of the best things about this plugin is, it performs optimization on its own web server, whereas, other plugins use external servers.


    Plugin #7: W3 Total Cache


    As discussed in the article above, now you may have a clear idea that speed is the most important factor when it comes to website’s performance. Search engines like Google love speed and this is the reason why it determines its search rankings. It is a truth that fast websites rank high and the slower ones rank low.


    W3 Total Cache

    W3 Total Cache


    WordPress is mainly written in PHP programming language and known as the server-side scripting language. So, whenever a user visits your website and requests a page, then the PHP script runs, fetches pages and display the results. The overall process consumes a lot of time and slows down the processing. In such a case, a plugin can help a lot and one of them is W3 total cache plugin. It has 1 million+ active installations.


    Some of its top features are:

    • Minification of posts, pages, and feeds
    • Secure Socket Layer support
    • Improved web server performance
    • Transparent content delivery network management
    • Reduced page load time
    • Minification of JavaScript and CSS
    • Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages


    The W3 total cache plugin claims that after installing it, you will definitely observe 10x improvement in your website’s performance. Seems bold, but you can easily analyze the difference afterwards. It may be a smart move when you install this plugin.


    To Conclude!!!


    These are the top 7 SEO WordPress plugins you should use. You need not install and use all of them, it completely depends on your website and its performance. Every plugin has its own working, so pick the one that suits best to your needs. Well, we all know the fact that SEO is a never-ending process. So, if you want to remain in the competition of digital presence, then you should be updated and keep on using the new methods and plugins to improve your website’s performance in 2020. For that, the aforementioned plugins can be of great help.


    So, do not delay anymore and pick any one plugin according to your needs.


    Good Luck!


    About the Author: Lexi Edwards is one of the best writers having a keen knowledge of SEO & WordPress. She also has experience in the academic field and certified as the essay writing services provider. She loves to share unique writing tips with scholars regarding every field. When she gets free time, she explores more about SEO trends, algorithms, updates, etc.

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