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  • What are Best 5 Underrated iPhone Features You Probably Didnt Know

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    Apple’s first, original iPhone first debuted in 2007, the reason it sold more than hotcakes would, is because it was the simple alternative to a market full of overcomplicated smartphones. During that time, platforms like Symbian, BlackBerry OS, and Windows Mobile were a beautiful chaos, but eventually a chaos.


    Apple’s iOS platform was previously called iPhone OS, managed to remove all of the cumbersome stuff. It had a straightforward experience that focused largely on improving key interactions. With time, Apple kept on adding more in more functionality as well as support for third-party apps. This in turn led to iPhone getting more and more complicated over the years as new functionality was added. Today, with a countless number of features under the hood, it’s impossible to remember them all.


    Let’s discuss those neglected, underrated iPhone features you probably didn’t know about



    Apple made large announcements with bugles and drums about iPhone 5 being the right size for your thumb to reach across it. Irony died a bitter death when two years later Apple beefed up the size of the screen to an extent that no thumb could reach the corner of the iPhone 6 Plus.


    From an optimistic point of view, Apple had to get with the times when it came to screen size. And, luckily, they included reachability. With a double touch of the home button, the entire screen would shift half way down the screen.


    Force Touch (or 3D touch)

    Unfortunately for Force Touch, it is still highly underused. When Apple included the pressure sensitive input for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, no one gave the amount of attention that it deserved.


    Today, Force Touch is called 3D touch as it is more sensitive - barely gets a use beyond a right click. It is definitely nice to have little shortcuts on your app icons, but there is so much more you could do with it.


    Mobile games especially have dissipated the chance to embrace Force Touch. But, developers are now capable of turning a single input gesture into countless ones. iOS application development services should definitely need to get on board and use this feature more often.


    Below are some more underrated features discussed on a popular Reddit thread where users have provided their personal opinion on what features they find underrated or underused.


    Mechanical Quick mute- Users say that with just a flick of the switch with the handy haptic feedback to let you know it’s set, you can mute your phone without any hassle.


    Wi-Fi Password sharing- Being able to easily share my WiFi password with other iOS devices without actually giving them the password, one user commented.


    Swipe to go back- Swipe to go back. It’s so intuitive and useful and I wasn’t even aware that android didn’t have it until I used a friends phone and realized something felt off when going through the settings.


    Another user jotted down a handful of features: 

    • Tapping the time at the top to scroll up
    • One-handed keyboard mode
    • iOS 10: Pulling down slightly from the top in any app to invoke Spotlight Search (RIP)
    • Continuity
    • Emoji suggestions for certain words



    This is a sign for budding entrepreneurs and app developers. There are millions of users out there who respect and love some of those features that get neglected or are often overlooked. This is your chance to hire mobile app developers and start creating apps that resonate with a larger audience.

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