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  • Whats new in Adobe Photoshop CS6

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    Whats new in Adobe Photoshop CS6

    Type Paragraph and character styles In the Window > Paragraph styles panel, create, store, and reapply the characteristics of groups of highlighted sentences. within the Window > Character styles panel, specify the look of selected letters, words, or phrases.

    Type menu A new sort menu has been added, and most of the text and type related functionality is available from the type menu. as an example, you'll access the Character and Paragraph panels from the type > Panels menu.

    Background save Background saving enables you to keep operating once you select Save commands, rather than awaiting saving to complete. Note: If you frequently save large files and need the foremost consistent performance from Photoshop, disable Save In Background within the File Handling preferences.

    Auto recover Auto-recover stores crash-recovery info at specific intervals. The default is 10 minutes. Just in case the application crashes, your work is recovered the next time you begin the photoshop. To customise the time intervals between auto-recovery storage, select Edit >> Preferences>> File Handling (Windows) or Photoshop >> Preferences >> File Handling (Mac OS). Choose Save in Background, and then select an interval from the automatically Save Recovery information menu.

    Workspace and workflow

    Numerous enhancements assist you complete common tasks more with efficiency.

    Mercury Graphics Engine Experience blazing-fast interactions with processor-intensive commands like Liquify, Warp, Puppet Warp, and Crop.

    Fresh new look

    Work with a contemporary, elegant interface with design enhancements like the following:: Choose from four different brightness levels: Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Photoshop > Preferences (Mac OS). In the Interface section, select a Color Theme swatch. Note: To quickly decrease interface brightness, press Shift + F1. To increase brightness, press Shift + F2. (Mac laptop users must also press the FN key.)

    On-image displays keep you informed as you employ your favorite tools, showing dimensions for choices, angles for transformations, and more. to adjust the position of these values, in the Interface preferences, select AN option from the Show Transformation Values menu.

    A new mini Bridge gallery offers easier access to photographs and documents. select Window > Extensions > mini Bridge.

    To maximize screen area, functions formerly in the application bar have moved elsewhere. to change between standard and Full Screen display modes, click the button at the bottom of the toolbar. Layers enhancements.

    Layers panel At the top of the Layers panel, new filtering options assist you find key layers in complex documents quickly. display subsets of layers based on name, kind, effect, mode, attribute, or color label. you'll be able to use the Properties panel to quickly modify the layer components selected in the Layers panel.

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