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UiSplitView Controller in Swift

To Create a SplitViewController in swift follow the steps:- 1- Create a new Project. 2- Add a splitViewController. 3- Create a cocoaTouch Class inherits from UIViewController named as DetailViewController 4- Create another CoCoatouchC...

How to shuffle an array

Hi all, Shuffling an array means randomly re-arranging the content of an array .Shuffling algorithm can be used in many places now days like in card games, music player , media player etc. Shuffling of an array can be done in two ways. ...

login to facebook in ios 9.0

to login using facebook in iPhone sdk please use the code below. install the pods for facebook using pod "FBSDKCoreKit"; pod "FBSDKLoginKit"; pod "FBSDKShareKit"; pod "FBSDKMessengerShareKit" import FBSDKLoginKit ...

Show The Contact List in iOS

To show the list of contact in iPhone use the code Below: 1- import the ContactsUI framwork in viewController 2- Confrom the ViewController to the CNContactPickerDelegate 3- call the delegate method func contactPicker(picker: CNContactPicke...
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