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Hide Status bar in iOS

Hi,   If you want to hide status bar in your application then do following steps to achieve:   1- Go to info.plist file provided in left panel of your application. 2- Add a new key with name “View controller-base...

Making UIImageView Clickable Using UITapGestureRecognizer

Hi,   We all know that buttons has their own IBActions that can be drawn easily via xibs/storyboard and codes. But what if the view type is UIImageView or UILabel or any other. In that case we can use UITapGestureRecognizer which is a...

Install CocoaPods and Dependencies in Swift

Hi,   CocoaPods is a dependency manager built on Ruby. It has thousands of libraries and more than a million of apps which helps to scale our project in a graceful and stylish manner. It saves a lot of time when dealing with various de...

PopOver from storyboard

Hi,   Presenting popover from storyboard is easy and developer friendly. One can handle Popover from storyboard itself with a little code handling. Following are the steps to present Popover from storyboard. 1- Draw an action seg...

Show The Contact List in iOS

To show the list of contact in iPhone use the code Below: 1- import the ContactsUI framwork in viewController 2- Confrom the ViewController to the CNContactPickerDelegate 3- call the delegate method func contactPicker(picker: CNContactPicke...
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