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  • 15 Important Linux Command for every User

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    Hello Guys,

    I am working on my Linux Ubuntu 14.04 from a long time and I understood that Linux Command line interface(CLI) is very powerful tool but ignored by many user. And If you are a newbie to Linux than CLI interface may be a ghost to you. So, I come up with this Blog which have some very Important Command in Linux / Unix.

    First of all open Terminal /Shell.

    To open Terminal,

    Keyboard Shortcut: Press Keys Ctrl+Alt+T

    Or Via GUI

    Go to Applications Accessories Terminal.


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    Sr. No. Command Uses Example
    1 CD "Change Directory" command enables you to navigate to another directory. cd /dev/
    2 MAN man command shows you manual entry/ information about the command man rm
    3 LS List the files/directories within a directory ls
    4 CP CP command use for copy things cp file1 file2
    5 MV moves files and directories mv /dev/file /home/
    6 MKDIR Make new directory mkdir findnerd
    7 RMDIR Used for Removing directories rmdir findnerd
    8 TOUCH touch command use make files touch file
    9 RM rm remove files instead of directory rm file
    10 TAR used for creating or extracting archive file tar -cvf test.tar
    11 PWD it show present working Directory pwd
    12 IFCONFIG This command showing you information about the ethernet adapters on your system and your upload and download data ifconfig
    13 Ping It is network diagnostic command by professionals. ping
    14 CHMOD It is use for Change Mode. This command to change permission to directories or files chmod 777 file.txt
    15 GREP grep used for Search for a given string in a file grep -r "findnerd" *


    Apart from this this If you want to know more about specific command Just type --help after the command. like CP --help.

    Source: Linux Mint Community

    15 Important Linux Command for every User

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