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  • Android SQLite Database Video Tutorial

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    What is SQLite?

    • SQLite is a opensource SQL database that stores data to a text file on a device. Android comes in with built in SQLite database implementation.
    • It is RDBMS, no connection establishment is required like JDBC and ODBC
    • Lightweight  so consumes less memory arround 250 Kb

    The SQLite supports following Datatypes:

    • NULL              The value is a NULL value.
    • INTEGER       The value is a signed integer
    • REAL              The value is a floating point value,
    • TEXT              The value is a text string
    • BLOB             stored exactly as it was input

    SQLite Vs Textfile:-
    You can query items as you wish -- don't need to load all of them and select which ones you need.
    updation, deletion is quite easy.


    SQLite Vs Share Preferences:-
    SharePreferences for small, simple and "key - value" structured data. When the Data get more and more complex, SQLite will be better for you.

    DBHelper class:-
    Database queries are managed by the SQLiteDatabase class.For managing all the operations related to the database , an helper class has been given and is called SQLiteOpenHelper

    rawQuery() VS query():-

    • rawQuery() directly accepts an SQL select statement as input.
    • query() provides a structured interface for specifying the SQL query.


    operation in SQLite:-
    1. Read
    2. Write
    3. Update
    4. Delete

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