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  • Best Marketing Plan for Mobile Gaming Application

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    This blog is the continuation series of Mobile Application or Game Marketing Techniques Part 1 in which I described brief information on the marketing techniques required for a mobile application or a gaming app. Here in this blog you will see the detailed and step by step information on various marketing techniques or plans which are necessary for a mobile gaming application, so here the main focus is on gaming application.

    Here are the important marketing steps for mobile gaming application listed below:-

    Social Media Marketing of game in fb, twitter, etc. : -

    Social media plays an important role in the marketing any product or services among huge customer base all across the world connected through different social sharing sites. Through social media network sites the marketing of the game should have the following things:-

    Integration of game with social media sites specially with Facebook, so that users can play games both on mobile and on Facebook. This helps in increasing the number of users of the game as user can invite more people to play the game and eventually share the game over social networks.

    Creating business/marketing page of the Game & continuously doing posting, sharing, liking, tagging, commenting, etc. over different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, etc.

    Joining different gaming communities, creating events, polls related to game.

    Advertising in collaboration with other games :-

    Doing advertising of game in collaboration with other games is a great thing that may increase the chances of a new game to get download from game lovers. And it would be much better if these types of ads should be displayed on other games which are related to your game.

    Marketing of Game on highly related Gaming websites targeting only game audience : -

    We may market the game in various gaming related websites, as these niche websites have a huge number of visitors who are specifically looking for games. The marketing of games in these types of websites require following things to submit : -

    Well defined Title of the Game.

    An attractive and complete description of the game.

    A link to the demo of game or to the download page.

    Presentation sharing of game in PPT sharing sites : -

    Preparing a presentation of the game and sharing it in various PPT sharing websites is a great way to attract many visitors towards game. A well drafted presentation builds interest and eagerness among the visitors towards the game presented in it. A well planned presentation should have the following content in it:-

    Introduction of the game.

    Tutorial of the game.

    Best features of the game.

    It should include eye catchy images of the game.

    It can also contain a short interesting video about game.

    Video trailer marketing of game in video sharing sites.

    Video marketing is also an important part to engage more visitors and driving more traffic towards your application or game because now a days a huge crowd is inclined towards video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. That's why marketing your product over video sharing websites is highly beneficial for the success of your product. Few things that need to know before video creation are listed below : -

    The length of video should be of around 3-4 minutes.

    The video should describe the main theme of the game as a brief trailer.

    The video should be attractive and quite interesting for the audience.

    The video should reflect interesting facts about the game.

    Press release distribution for the release of game :-

    It is always better to tell your customers that you have launched a new product and always try to describe the complete information about your product in a newsletter. Press release is the best way to announce the release of a new product(game) to get noticed by your targeted audience just after the launch of the new product. The Press Release should include following things in it : -

    The date of launch of the game.

    Main Theme of the game.

    Important fact and features of the game.

    Discussing about game on game/app related forums : -

    Discussing on forums that are specifically related to gaming industry create an opportunity to increase the number of users to the game. As we know that people usually like to find their queries in different forums websites. After the game is launched, these steps help a lot :-

    Start posting on game niche forums sites about the game.

    Create your own discussion about the different features and specialty of the game.

    Also participate in replying to others discussion about the game.

    Continuously reply to people queries related to the game.

    We can also start polling about the popularity, quality, etc. about the game.

    Sharing rich content about game with complete details on Blogs :-

    Content is always considered the king when it comes to marketing of any product or service. There are various blog sites where we may share the quality content about the game. Apart from sharing the content we may also do commenting on other's blog post or queries on blogs. Few things that need to keep in consideration are : -

    The content should be shared on blog sites which are highly related to gaming industry.

    The blog content should be unique containing different topics like the description of the game, its features, how to play it and including several other topics related to the game.

    The content should be around 500 words with anchor linking on business related keywords.

    Running ads on mobile advertising platforms :-

    Display of game ads on various advertising platform is also important to increase the users towards the game, as user get redirected to download the game when an advertisement got clicked.

    e-mail marketing of game/app : -

    We should also create an e-mail campaigns to market the game. It's a great way to reach out to a huge base of customers that increase the chances of getting more gaming users towards your game.

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