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  • How to reset password in ubuntu

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    This tutorial will help how to change the password in ubuntu.For changing the password follow the follow the steps bellow:

    Step 1: Select recovery mode the second boot option in your GNU GRUB console.

    Step 2: In Recovery Menu window select option Drop to root shell prompt and press Enter.

    Step 3: If one forgets the username use the following command to know the username

    root@domain:~$ ls /home  (where l => small L)

    Step 4: To reset the password type the following command

    root@domain:~$ passwd username

    Step 5: You are now prompted for a new password. Type the new password

    Step 6 : If you don't get any output such as

        Sorry , try again 

    then the password acceptance process is under process

    Step 7 : After the password is reset type exit on the console to return to the recovery menu.

    Step 8: Select Resume normal boot option in Recovery Menu window and click ok.

    Step 9: Reboot the system and select option Ubuntu , with Linux.. in the GNU GRUB console.

    For more information click the link below:

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