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  • Install Skype Call Recorder on Ubuntu 14.04

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    How to Install Skype Call Recorder on Ubuntu 14.04?

    Record skype call records automatically, whenever someones call you then you can now record conversations instantly. This is the excellent feature provided by skype. Skype call records are generally required when you have some urgent work and you need to skip the group meeting on skype, then you can record the calls for future use.


    Features of Skype call recorder:


    i) Record calls automatically or manually.

    ii) Split stereo recording.

    iii) Record calls in the following format: ogg, mp3, wav.

    iv) Automatic skype calls recording on per caller basis.

                 There are two ways of installing skype call recorder on ubuntu. First method to install skype is via terminal command line. You just need to follow steps below to install skype recorder:


    sudo apt-get install vsound sox sox-dev vorbis-tools lame build-essential


    We have installed vsound, sox, sox-dev  , etc. as these are the dependencies for the program to run. We have also installed build-essential which will compile the program. Next we need to download skpye recorder using wget command then extract it:


    cd wget
    tar xvfz skype-rec-1.0.tar.gz


    Now we need to compile the program library and uncompress it:


    cd skype-rec-1.0
    sudo make install


    After this download this file skype-rec.txt and run the following command.


    mv skype-rec skype-rec-bak
    mv skype-rec.txt skype-rec
    chmod +x skype-rec
    mkdir ~/.skype-rec
    cp skype-rec.rc ~/.skype-rec/skype-rec.rc


    Now finally you can run the program skype-rec by typing the following command:




    Note: Before running the program you must quit Skype and make sure you are in the directory where skype-rec is installed.


    Second method for installing skype-rec is:

    Download skype recorder from following url . Here you will see download available for  Ubuntu i386 (32-bit) and Ubuntu amd64 (64-bit). You can download it accordingly and when the downloading finishes then you can search it on the search bar of and run it.


    Thanks for reading.


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