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  • What is Shopify and how to configure shopify sdk in android studio ?

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    Shopify is basically used to store and sell varieties of products so this is a platform to sell products of your shop.

    Shopify can also be implement in your Android applicaiton.

    Following are the steps to create shop and products and then configure sdk in android studio :

    1. Create an account on Shopify here -

    and enter emailId, password and your store name.

    2. Now you can go to product menu to create some products of your shop, you can also create collection of products there.

    3. Now from side menu click on + button to add Sales channel then click on Mobile apps that ll enable your app to sell product on shopify.

    4. Now click on Mobile apps item and save these data in some text file :

        1. App key

        2. App Id

        3. Domain name of your shop that would be like this :

    5. Download Shopify android sdk from here :

    6. Unzip and import project into your Android studio, there ll be 2 project Mobile-Buy and Sample. you can run this sample project to test shopify app flow.

    7. Now we are goin to add mobile buy project as a dependency in our personal project or you can directly complie gradle library by adding it

    compile 'com.shopify.mobilebuysdk:buy:2.0.0'

    8. Now main step is to create a file with these details :

    9. Now you can use the Shopify adk and can implement customer login, registration, cart etc.

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