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UINotification in iOS10, Swift 3.0

To implement Notification in iOS 10, follow below steps. Go to Project -> Target -> capabilities -> push notifications enable push notification. Now in Your AppDelegate Class do following steps - 1. Import UserNotifications. 2...

Use vibrancy effect in UITableViewCell like notification center.

1.   It is must to import “NoticationCenter” so that we can use “notificationCenterVibrancyEffect” import NotificationCenter   2. At the time of cell selection do following code in delegate method...

How to check Push Notification enabled in iOS

For your iOS application if you want to check Push Notification status then you can check it by using the below code:- in iOS 7 UIRemoteNotificationType types = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] enabledRemoteNotificationTypes]; if (types ...

How to get device token in iOS

For iOS push notification services functionality we need a device token (a unique device id generated by device OS for Push Messages communications) on which we can receive push notification messages. To generate the device token we have to add U...

Push Notification in iOS8 and other versions

PushNotification code for Latest iOS8 and earlier versions. You need to find out the iOS version first. Use below Macro keys for iOS check:- #define IS_iOS7 [[[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion] floatValue] >= 7.0?YES:NO #define IS_...
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