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  • Objective C or Swift - Which Technology to Learn for iOS Development?

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    Swift programming language is completely based on general purpose, a multi-paradigm compilation which has been developed by Apple Inc. Swift is basically developed for various operating systems including iOS, watchOS, macOS, Linux, and tvOS. It is also designed in such a manner that it can work with Apple's Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks.

    However, on the other hand, Objective-C comes under object-oriented general-purpose programming language. This language is embedded with an excellent Smalltalk-style messaging functionality added to the C language. Apple use this main programming language for the OS X and iOS operating systems and also been used by Cocoa and Cocoa Touch API's before the launch of Swift.


    SO, Before deciding which language you should learn for iOS Development, just grab a basic knowledge of both the languages. First, let's talk about 'Swift'.




    Why You Should Learn Swift



    The first question that comes to every beginner's mind is that why should I learn Swift and not Objective C. The answer to this question is here:


    1. Swift is much easier language as compared to Objective C. and new with more advanced to interact with computers than Objective C.


    1. Along with Swift Language, An interactive coding environment which is a part of Xcode has been released by an Apple Inc Named Xcode Playground. It is very helpful and assists beginners in coding along and exploring the swift language along with other parts of your app. Hence we can say, Swift has a very interactive environment.


    1. As claimed by Apple, Swift is a safe, modern and powerful programming language. Swift prevents a lot of mistakes or errors from arising and notify us prior, what we are doing wrong.


    1. It is easier to read and write in Swift than in Objective C. having very easy syntaxes then Objective-C and example of it's easiness is, you don't need to put a semi-colon at the end of each line in swift.


    1. Swift is Object oriented and functional.


    1. It supports iOS and OS X operating system.


    1. Swift is simpler as it does not require any instance variables.


    1. In swift, we don't need to state the type explicitly.


    1. Swift takes less execution time than Objective C as files are not recompiled.


    Now let's talk about why you should learn Objective C


    1. Objective C is a very old language, nearly 30 years old and it is in practice for iOS development for around 10 years which is written when there were different considerations being made regarding how we interacted with computers which are not so easy. Those considerations were important to know even today which made learning basics of programming difficult.


    1. Everything in iOS SDK whether it is swift or other, it has been built in Objective-C. let's consider, if you are using Swift language, you will encounter with components written in Objective-C.


    1. As stated in the first point, Objective-C is in practice for such a long time, therefore, there are much more third party libraries and frameworks written in Objective-C.


    1. There are much more learning resources like - books, blog posts, conference videos and so on, all in Objective C than in Swift.


    1. The tools which we use for iOS development are far better with Objective-C.


    1. Objective C is class based object oriented.


    1. It supports cross-platform operating system.


    1. Objective C requires instance variables.


    1. Objective C takes more execution time as complete code is built every time any changes are made to the code.


    1. In Objective C we do not need to state the type explicitly.


    I think by reading all the above differences you will be able to figure out which language you should choose to learn for iOS development. If you have any inputs, please feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

    Objective C or Swift - Which Technology to Learn for iOS Development?

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