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  • 7 Key Benefits of Taking PTE Test for Non-Speakers

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    If you're applying to study in a native English country, chances are you would need to take an English exam so they would know your English speaking abilities. This is to ensure that you would be able to cope up and adapt well in the new environment. 


    However, you can't just take any English exam. Some universities are selective when it comes to the English test results submitted. Sometimes, they only accept specific exam tests that they deem credible, like the PTE test. 


    What is PTE and who accepts PTE-A?

    PTE or the Pearson Test for English is a computer-based exam that will assess your English language capabilities. There are four sections in this exam: 

    • Speaking 

    • Writing

    • Reading

    • Listening

    Each section also has different tasks that the examinee should pass based on the standard or set guidelines. 



    There are three tests included in the PTE: the PTE Academic, PTE General, and PTE Young Learners. 

    Among these three, PTE-Academic (PTE-A) is the highly recommended one as it is accepted for student and migration applications across the world. It is also is an unbiased and significant proof of a person's English skills. 

    Here are other key benefits of taking a PTE Test: 

    1. Flexible test dates

    There are 150 centers globally that are authorized to schedule a PTE test booking. All these are operating for 363 days a year. 

    Because of this, you can always schedule the nearest day and the closest time convenient for you. And since you can choose the most suitable time for you, you can prepare and study for it to ensure that you pass the first try. 

    2. Recognized globally

    PTE Academic is created to provide schools and institutions a more certain gauge of an applicant's English skills. It's safe to say that it has an edge against other English tests. 

    Because of this, a considerable percentage of universities and organizations around the world recognize the value of the exam. A vast number of organizations are also taking the results, and their numbers are continuously growing. 

    3. Immediate announcement of test results

    PTE announces the results within 3-5 business days. Others even say that they got theirs in just 24 hours. It can be a case to case basis but the maximum time that you have to wait is five days, more than that, you can call support. 

    The good thing, though, is you won't have to play a guessing game because you will be able to track your scores quickly. They will show four statuses: Taken, Scores not Reportable, Score Reportable, and On-Hold. 

    If you see the status as "Scores Reportable," then it is said that you'll be able to get your results within 24 hours. 

    4. Fully computer-based

    Taking the PTE Exam is pretty convenient as it is purely computer-based. 

    No need to buy pens, jot down notes, or walk to the center to take an exam. You would have no human interaction at all. You encode all your answers in a computer, and an artificial intelligence assesses them using a set of guidelines. Having an excellent computer and logical skills is also advantageous when taking this type of exam. 

    5. Free sending of scores to as many organizations

    When we submit school applications, it's reasonable to send your request to several institutions. For other exam centers, you would need to pay extra fees to get your results to send out your scores on institutions you want. 

    With the PTE test, however, you can freely send your results to an infinite number of institutions without worrying about the fees. PTE Academic allows you to do this without having to pay an extra charge. They give you this freedom, so you'd have more significant opportunities to achieve your dreams. 

    6. No unclear or ambiguous questions

    It's irritating when you take an exam, and you meet vague questions. There are even questions that don't make sense and are a total waste of your time. 

    Good news because the PTE exam doesn't have any of that. PTE based each question on academic and real-life settings only. Because of this, you can assure that your results will be based entirely on your proficiency in the test. 

    7. Fair scoring system

    Since the whole exam will be taken on a computer and assessed by artificial intelligence, rest assured that the system is fair. The software uses predetermined guidelines to score your English abilities. Hence, there will be zero tendencies of errors in your results. 


    The PTE offers you what you need in an English exam and will surely save you from all the hassle. You don't need to look any further on what English test to take. So if you think you're English is ready, go and take a PTE test and make your dreams come true. 

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