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  • CSS Cursor Property

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    Hey Readers!

    A cursor is a very important thing to be seen on a computer screen. By the name of a cursor, we usually get an image of an arrow in our mind. It is a movable arrow on a computer screen that identifies the point of the user (user's location).

    The cursor property in CSS makes the cursor appear in different forms for different functions.

    Basically, the property indicates what the cursor will look like at a certain point. When the cursor will be located over a particular element, the property set will work. This helps us understand better what does the cursor indicate what at that location.

    The syntax for the same is given below.

    Syntax :

    cursor: value;


    There are many such cursor functions. These are provided below within a category.

    General :

    1. auto : determined by browser
    2. default : generally an arrow
    3.  none : no cursor


    Links and Status :

    1. help : indicates help
    2. pointer : a hand
    3. progress : the program is busy
    4. wait : the program is busy


    Selection :

    1.  cell : selection of cells
    2. crosshair : selection in a bitmap 
    3. text : selection of text


    Drag and Drop :

    1. move : someting can be moved
    2. no-drop : drop is not allowed
    3. not-allowed : something cannot be done


    Zoom :

    1. zoom-in : magnify in
    2. zoom-out : magnify out


    Grab :

    1. grab : something can be grabbed 
    2. grabbing : in the process of grabbing


    Keep Coding!

    CSS Cursor Property

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