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  • Difference between bootstrap and foundation

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    In web designing world, we define  framework as a package made up of a  files structures and folders of systematic code that include HTML, CSS, JS etc. which is used for the development of websites, as a base to start building a site. We use HTML and CSS for creating forms, buttons,  navigation and interface components. We basically used framework for Rapid Prototyping, streamlining your design process, save development time because tested, scale all your design on all devices, It is secure /cost/ support/ Efficient.

    Features of Bootstrap

    Grid System

    Bootstrap provide us the grid system. With the help of grid system developers are able to make various layout and make adjustment according to the efficiency.

    UI Elements

     It provides the extensive UI elements so that the client must fulfill their need accordingly.


    Bootstrap provides the feature to the user that the user can give the height width and dimensions in pixels. Bootstrap uses pixels for calculating widths, typography, and nearly everything else. Bootstrap tries to give you everything you need to build site up and running quickly.

    Good browser compatibility

    The huge separation in similarity is the backing for Internet Explorer 8. Having support for more programs can have any kind of effect, particularly for destinations meaning to draw in more established demo.

    More themes available

    As bootstrap is very popular, there are more Bootstrap themes designed. So the client have the flexibility to select from multiple themes.

    Features of foundations

    Foundation provide design-it-yourself approach

    For website customization foundation provides a better environment . With Foundation, the  CSS outline is all the more a level plan and looks great immediately. Furthermore, you don't need to modify too intensely.

    We don't have to add classes make responsive

    In Foundation, there are base built in CSS appearances. User may prefer this, especially since there won’t be as much CSS write in your HTML.

    Provides more grid system capabilities

    Most people choose to  prefer the Foundation grid because of its flexibility. A couple of the extra capabilities is provided with the foundation. The user can add a “collapse” class which allow the user to easily merge columns and remove blank spaces. We can use a block grid which allows the user to create equal-sized columns.

    Provides additional built-in widgets

    Foundation provide more built in widgets like form validation(It is for the form validation library), Off-Canvas menus, Pricing tables, Responsive media, Right-to-left support functionality.
    Foundation uses relative sizing

    To define our media queries in foundation we use ems.  No assumptions are made on foundations about your screen sizes the user is using, completely customize the small, medium, and large grid media queries  with the variables that the user assign . With the help of the framework rems are used for the font-sizes . We can also wrote a function to converts pixel values to rems.





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