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  • Going by a study of Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B companies use content marketing to create brand value and reach out to their target audience. It’s often said that “Content is the King”. However, it’s important to share quality content, that helps readers find solutions to their problems, and encourage them to become your loyal customers. In my opinion, content writers should have good knowledge of B2B and technology topics and products. Besides, it’s also important to write SEO optimized blogs/articles. As far as writing skills are concerned, please pay heed to some tips mentioned below.
    1. Write headlines that grab attention: If your headline is dull and does not kindle any interest in readers, chances grow very slim for them to read the rest of your content. There are many tools available online to help you generate effective headlines, which certainly makes your job way easier.
    2. First paragraph is very important: Writing the first paragraph is tricky, since it plays the role of decider whether or not a reader will read further. That said, the first paragraph, especially the first two lines, must capture the reader's attention and must give an inference to the reader what the rest of content is going to talk about. 
    3. Thorough research: One of the paramount requirements to become a quality content writer is the ability to research on topic you get to write on. Besides, you need to support your statements with statistics, data and metrics, so that readers can believe whatever you are saying is correct and credible.
    4. Don't create huge wall of text: People like to read content that is presented in short paragraphs, short sentences and bulleted lists. You can also use images in between to add more eye appeal to your content. Acquaint yourself with SEO content strategies to ensure your article/blog ranks high in search engine results pages (SERP). SEO optimized content ensures that it is easily visible in gigantic ocean of online blogs. For keyword search, you can use
    5. Become a social media specialist: The journey to become a successful content writer also requires to become a social media specialist. Try to build your audience, meet publishers and talk to the experts about how you can grow as a content writer and add quality to your content everyday.
    6. Proofread and edit before publish: After you first draft is ready, don't rush to publish it. Take a break and start reading it as of you have not written it and your are just a reader. It will help you come up with new ideas about how to maintain the flow, remove information that is redundant, add something extra to make it read interesting or exciting. A round or two of edits will make your final copy worth reading for readers.
    I hope this answers your question.

  • To become successful as a content writer, especially for business, you need to learn about a lot of marketable skills. For starters it will be great if you could enrol yourself into online writing courses to help you get started. They can help you master different writing styles.

    For your business, it’ll be great if you know the basics of  SEO, marketing tactics and social media.

    1. Your first priority should be to publish articles about your industry or business on your site and submit guest articles to other platforms.
    2. Your marketing strategy should aim at writing relevant content to attract and retain more and more customers.
    3. Every business wants its content to be visible  on the first page of Google search results. In order to get there, consider the importance of SEO. It will help you to get more customers even after you are not promoting your content anymore.
    4. You should also focus on developing relationships with your customers via social channels in order to promote sales.
    5. Generate content based on the kind of audience you have. If your target audience is general and broad, try to avoid usage of jargons.
    6. Try to include more visual elements in your content. For instance, Infographics or GIFs are one of the popular visual content types. Generally, marketers use more of visual content as they know this will get them prospective customers.

    I hope this (answer) helps you.

  • Aishwarya,

    I am glad that you have chosen an honorable profession. Many of the aspiring content writers and marketers face the similar situation, they require proper guidance and assistance for the same.

    The internet is flooded with the posts that suggests you ways to write well. I'll be doing injustice to fellow content writers, if I'll involve myself in sharing the identical tips n tricks or the guidelines. Rather, I'll sharing the unaccustomed, raw & unheard ways to help you build a successful content writing career.

    I'm framed an article for the same: 8 Secrets to Successful Content Writing Career

    Have a read! Stay willing and composed, it will getter better with time and practice.


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