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  • Email Marketing is considered as the backbone of any marketing campaign. Floating the product information and promotional updates is much easier through email marketing than any other marketing strategy. Bloggers and marketers strive hard each day to build up their email subscriber list and that is why you will be able to find many write-ups on how to boost your conversion rates and gain more subscribers. Here are a few tips I believe will help you out in this regard:

    • Add a signup button on your facebook page- which will direct the users to your landing page
    • Strategically select the text and color of CTA button
    • Add an exit-intent pop-up asking them to subscribe ( you never know if a user will ever return to your website again)
    • Declutter your website and give few CTAs 
    • Keep it short and simple
    • Giveaway ethical bribes in the form of insightful pdfs and infographics in exchange for their mailing address
    • Build your social media presence
    • Integrate an opt-in option at the bottom of every email you send out
    • Let users access your content( hot topics) only after they've subscribed to your newsletter(desperate ones will fall for it)

    There are more such techniques to follow, kindly do a detailed research on the same. I hope these suggestions help you in some way to fetch more email subscribers. Feel free to contact if you have any further queries. 


  • I very much appreciate the information provided from Amrinder and Ankur as these tips will really help to boost email subscribers. My research also consist some of the useful tricks that will help to increase email subscribers and these are mentioned below:

    1. Integrate a subscription from which is interactive and clearly visible
    2. Include high quality content in your newsletter
    3. Embed a valuable call to action button.
    4. Increase email list through referral schemes from existing email list.
    5. Use social media and throw a subscription from to get subscribers from there.
    6. Send separate email newsletters to different sets of your audience as per their interest or niche.
    7. Fully optimize your Subject line as it is the title that attracts users.

    Hope these are helpful tips, get in touch with more valuable information on Digital Marketing at

  • Marketers must not fall prey to the notion that email marketing is dead. As a matter of fact, email is still widely used in many companies to communicate with employees. So, if you are devoid of email addresses of your people, you are missing out on a brilliant trick to promote your products and services. Coming back to the question, I am discussing some effective ways to increase the list of email subscribers.

    • Give an option to forward your newsletter
    • As less clicks to subscribe as possible
    • Offer a special deal to new subscribers
    • Use social media to invite new subscribers
    • Make your subject lines interesting and short like tweets
    • Make it easy to enter an email address

    I hope this helps you increase your email subscribers.

  • Building an email list is very challenging(that's why you are asking for help), yet it is achievable, even if you are a very small team. Here are some Tips to build a useful email list :-

    1. You can generate email leads through polls, surveys and quizzes.
    2. At the bottom of your blog posts you can also add a Signup form.
    3. You can also add a Call to Action on your Facebook page to signup for your list.
    4. If your company have a team of developers, you can build a useful tool like, use it as a Call to Action with your content and start collectiong emails.
    5. The best and the simple tip is that write a more in depth content and offer your readers to receive updated content in exchange of their email. Those readers will definitely subscribe if they are already interested in your topic.

    I hope these tips will be helpful.

  • Undoubtedly, email marketing is revered as one of the leading marketing tool for brand promotion, customer engagement, raising TRPs and awareness. A study has revealed that by the end of year 2016, a number of people expected to have an email account will rise above 4.3 million. With such increasing numbers, it makes a lot of sense to increase your email contacts. A growing email sign up can easily generate a business buzz, attract new customers and build a relationship. For better understanding, I have compiled a 14 point article to increase email subscription. Have a read God Bless!

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