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  • Facebook Blueprint Certification consist of all the case studies,success stories and marketing strategies which can be use in Facebook. It is at par with the Google Adwords Guide and Google Analytics Academy. The only difference is you have to pay 150$ for enrolling the course. Facebook Blueprint Certification is a powerful advertising platform certification that leads to maximum conversion for your business, through teaching about target audience, retargeting, type of ads to run for a product or nice and how to make people click on the CTA button

    Facebook Blueprint Certification consists of Two Courses: Facebook Certified Planning Proffesional and Facebook Certified Buying Proffesional. The courses are an essential for a digital marketer. Facebook is the huge social media platform and almost the whole world is hooked into it. The course will teach how to connect your businesses to the world for maximum lead conversion and also teaches you how to optimize your reach.

  •  Facebook Blueprint is a global training and certification program which teachs about the marketing and advertising strategy on Facebook and Instagram.Its a paid learning service and cost more than 150$. There are three ways to learn with Blueprint: 
    Blueprint e learning that teaches the best practices of running ads on Facebook and Instagram platform.
    Blueprint Certification is a a certiffication program that measures your capability to make and understand the facebook ad managers, it also provides a hands on experience on different product and services.There are two facebook certification programs
    Blueprint Live is an in person training program, where a facebook proffesional will teach you with hands on experience to implement Facebook and Instagram advertising rule in your existing marketing plans.

  • Blueprint Certification exams are intended to be rigorous, fair and valid measurements of professional competency in Facebook advertising and it provides digital advertising  with a course fee of 150$. It is the toughest online digital marketing course out there and must have for budding and growing Digital marketers. Facebook is a very big Platform there by it is necessary for a marketer to go through this course. It provides the advertising industry with a better understanding of advertising usage and adoption on the Facebook platform, thereby optimizing return on ad spend. And it helps enterprises and small businesses select and retain talent who have the knowledge on how to use the Facebook platform – thereby increasing the effectiveness and impact of advertising campaigns on Facebook.
  • Nowadays, digital marketing has become the best means of marketing, regardless of the types of products you are selling. Many job seekers are also finding a career in digital marketing lucrative. Facebook and Instagram is a great social media platform where you can promote your products and services to boost your ROI.
    Blueprint is a training and certification program launched by Facebook for marketers, who want great results. This program helps understand the most effective marketing tactics and trends for better results. With this program, you can access resources and tools that posses great strength  to grow your business.  If you are a Digital marketing person, the program is worth for you,as it always keeps you updated and opens new avenues to grow your business.  

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