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  • HTML Embed Multimedia

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    Many times you have to include music or video into your website. The most effortless approach to add video or sound to your website is to use the HTML tag called <embed>. This label makes the web browser to itself incorporate controls for the multimedia.

    Below is the example of embed tag:-

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>HTML embed Tag</title>
    <embed src="song.mp3" width="110%" height="70%"  >
       <noembed><img src="1.png" ></noembed>

    In above code <noembed> tag is used for those browser which does not identified the  <embed> tag. If <embed> tag does not identified by the browser then <noembed> tag simply show some image.

    Below is some <embed> tag attributes :-

    align :- Decides how to adjust the object.

    autostart :-  if we set this attribute as true then the media will start automatically and if we set it as false then media does not start automatically.

    loop :- if we set this attribute as true then the sound get repeated continuously  and if we set it as false then it will play only one time. If we want sound to be play 3 times then we have to set this attribute as 3 .

    playcount :- it determines how many time the sound get played.

    width :- it specifies the width of the object.

    height :- it specifies the height of the object.

    src :- this contains the url of the file which we want to play.

    volume :- it manages the sound of the media.

    name :- this contains the name by which we want to  referred the object.

    You can see the working demo by downloading the file which i am attaching with this blog.


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