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  • How is brand building done using Social Media?

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    I do see how marketers perceive Social Media as a good communication and consumer engagement tool. But the harsh reality is that majority of the social media channels including Twitter and Facebook don't have rich media formats to facilitate strong brand building.
    I would love the feedback from digital marketers, social media experts and people from advertising industry on their perception or ideas about how current Social Media offerings can contribute to brand building.

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  • Hello! According to your query, the following practices might come helpful to build your brand image through Social Media.

    • Selection of proper social media channels to support the brand image- Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn.
    • Generate content that supports your brand image- useful and smart content-visual branding
    • Use of social media campaign to promote content
    • Promote the voice of the company culture and generate content with which your audience can connect with.
    • Produce closely-related content around the niche and industry of your organization.
    • Regularity in content publication- schedule the content smartly, try not to appear as spam especially if youre not a known brand
    • Take help of influencer marketing to promote your brand
    • Filling up Bio section correctly in social media profiles help your brand image and people to know you more appropriately.
    • Promote your social media profiles on websites and blogs.
    • Interaction with the audience, popular figures, and other brands help you to be sighted by their followers.
  • Brand building is one of those activities which will not necessarily pay you great dividends in the short term but as the momentum builds your brand will become more recognisable.Engaging with potential customers to build the trust factor is also vital!

    Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for example offer some very useful means by which to promote your brand while not necessarily converting into sales straightaway. Instagram is also another very useful method of brand building as it is purely image-based and very quickly your images can be shared and sent around the Internet. Every time you post, your branding should be visible, every email you send should have your logo and each time you reply to questions on social media ensure they know who is answering.

    However, when using social marketing remember that it takes a long time to build up a reputation but poor customer service can lose you that reputation overnight.
    Hope this was of help to you !

    1. Reputation Management Key point: People are talking about you online, whether you choose to listen or not.
    2. Customer Service Key point: Social media customer service is the new (800) number.
    3. Public Relations Key point: Social media enables you to take your message to customers directly.
    4. Customer Acquisition Key point: Market sideways. Features and benefits are too boring to work in social media.
    5. Create Brand Communities Key point: Activate your fans and give them something to do. Dont just collect them like baseball cards.
    6. Thought Leadership Key point: Everyone in the world has expertise. Whats yours, and how to you distribute it?
    7. Networking Key point: Social capital belongs to individuals, and is loaned to brands. You can use social networking to develop relationships online that youd be unlikely to have otherwise. I have some good work experience with a OOH Media Software and my words are clearly based on what I felt through such processes in the past.
  • Social media is a great platform to enhance your brand awareness among your niche. Below are some important points to consider for an effective brand building via social media:

    1. Analyze thoroughly, what your brand is all about and how will it going to communicate with end users. There is also need to understand about your targeted customers.
    2. Setup a strategic marketing team including writers, SEO gurus, Social media managers.
    3. Generate quality content including trendy headline, attractive images, videos, hashtags.
    4. Always do regular engagement via linking, updating, commenting, mentioning, etc. with audience.
    5. Use paid ad campaigns to enhance brand value.
    6. Work with influencer to market your brand presence.

    Hope these are helpful.

  • Social Media plays a crucial role in business & brand building such as :

    Consistency on Social Media Platforms

    To Build a brand using social media it takes time and dedication. We need to ensure our brand should be consistent across all products, advertising and customer service. It is important to build a consistent & strong brand across all social media platforms. A brands profile on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Blog to show its has a presence online.

    Social Campaigns to Promote Content

    We can grow number of brands using strategies such as performing contests & social media campaigns to successfully gain visibility and generate leads. Consistently share great content over social media affects social media influencers that will help in increasing your brand building.

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