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  • Every business needs the right mix of Paid, Organic and Social Media Marketing, to get desired results. In order to achieve that, its important to understand how each of these marketing strategies help a business, and, what goals is a business trying to achieve through them.

    Paid Marketing : Its used to increase the outreach of content in order to generate leads and create as much brand awareness as possible.

    In order for paid marketing to be effective the business must identify and weigh-out its options in order to arrive at the option that will yield the maximum benefit in proportion to the money being spent.

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    Organic Marketing : Its purpose is to maintain customer loyalty, solve customer issues and provide an insight into new leads.

    Organic marketing doesnt aim at selling directly to customers. The main aim of organic marketing is to, inform and entertain, and keep customers interested in the products and services that the business has to offer.

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    Social Media Marketing : Helps to get content in front of new audiences without the use of interruptive or display advertising which results in more brand awareness and credibility.
    The one thing that a business should keep in mind while using social media marketing is that, the selling pitch should be Incorporated naturally into the content. The educational/entertainment aspect should outweigh the marketing.

    Do -: Pay social media influencers to endorse your product.
    Connect interesting content with your product/ services seamlessly

    Dont -: Make the content seem like an advertisement.
    Make publishers and endorsers hide the fact that content has been paid for.

    Above mentioned information, along with, a good understanding of the vision and mission of the business is what makes a good marketing mix. So, always keep your clients needs in mind while developing a marketing strategy for them. I hope this information gives you a better understanding of your clients needs and helps you serve them better.

  • Great Question! Any organization that plans to do Internet marketing should have an answer to this. To render great client satisfaction, you are required to understand his requirements and constraints. Before approaching any plan of attack or finalizing the use of best marketing practices, you must ask direct questions from the client, in an effort to comprehend the requirements, goals, budget and the timeline. Once you are clear with above-mentioned parameters, you can choose an accurate plan of action that effectively utilize a number of channels like paid search, organic and social media. Best of Luck :)

  • Hi Abhi, thanks for asking this interesting question. Apropos to your question, I have mentioned some important facts below.

    In order to give your business a boost in this competitive digital world, you need to have a proper marketing strategy in the very first place. Before going ahead with promotion part, you need to know some basic-yet-important facts. So, are we ready?

    1. A clear understanding of client's requirements.

    2. Knowledge about areas and geographical location of people your client is focusing on to promote his/her business. It helps a great deal in understanding the target audience.

    3. An attractive landing page with small, brief introduction about the company's products and services, along with their benefits.

      Now, comes promotion on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Google+, etc.

    Organic Traffic - SEO is very useful and the best option to promote your business worldwide. It helps increase organic traffic, brand awareness and generate high-quality leads.

    Run Paid Ads/Google Ads - Run paid ads on the search engines like Google and Yahoo. This is the best way to generate traffic and leads in quick time.

    Social Media Marketing - Social Media is the best option to increase brand awareness and generate leads because people from all walks of life are active on social media. There are some popular social media channels, where you can promote your business.

    -> Some popular social media websites are:

    Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Pinterest etc .

    -> Facebook is the best social media channel, where you can run paid ads and increase your brand awareness and leads.

    I hope my suggestions are useful to you!

  • Hi Abhi,

    As you are running an Internet marketing firm, so you must be aware of the fact that each of the marketing platforms like organic, paid and social marketing have their own distinct advantages that can help to benefit clients business. So combining all these three platforms together in an equilibrium state is the real need of the hour and for this there is a collaborative marketing strategy that works well to drive desired results. This collaborative marketing can deliver favorable results in the form of growing audience, creating new brand followers, etc.

    This strategy should be followed as described here:

    1. The first phase of marketing should be totally dependent on Organic efforts for at least 6 months, which starts with the organically optimizing of a website along with promoting clients business across various Free marketing channels like local/global listing, PR channels, Blogging, Forums, Articles, etc. Side by side you need to promote your brand organically through all social platforms in order to increase the reach of your target audience.

    2. While working on this first phase, you need to consistently monitor the results thoroughly and on the basis of this you can analyze the highly relevant target audience for your clients business. In this way you will also understand the behavior of your target audience very which will help you to execute the second phase of paid marketing effectively.

    3. After analysing it well, you are now ready to focus on paid marketing channels whether it is Google AdWords, Facebook promoted posts, Twitter promoted tweets, Linked Ads, etc. This will give you the opportunity to grab highly targeted audience because paid marketing allow you to choose your most prominent target audience through location, age, gender, etc. targeting options.

    So, this combined strategy will surely boost your client business and will give a better conversion rate.

  • Yes, we can combine the Paid, Organic search and other Social media marketing into a collaborative strategy. But first you have to be precise about the budget allocation for each sector, including SEO, Paid search and Social media, along with scope and other vital things that client want.

    We can categorize all three types of method into Paid and Organic marketing. It's a wrong belief that that organic marketing does not include money, since you the team you assign with the task of organic marketing will incur costs in terms of salaries, etc. So, main thing is you set up a questionnaire with client and decide what to do in concrete.

  • Hi Abhi,

    For best marketing practices, plan of action and use of multiple channels You should use-

    Social Media, which is the best platform, that can boost your business by applying some of the important facts . Please check the below mentioned points:-

    -> Need to Focus on targeted audience

    -> Need to run paid campaign on different social media channels like- Facebook,Twitter and Google Ads to increase visitors/Immediate Traffic

    -> Need to Focus on Organic traffic too.

    -> Share your posts on your Social Media pages, on daily basis.

  • Client's satisfaction should always be the motto of every Firm/Company. I would always like to give preference to Paid Internet Advertising, as it is an awesome way to direct more traffic to a website resulting in increased business. But you should be very careful before going for paid advertisements. Here are some important ways so that we can get the most out of it :-

    1. For especially paid search advertising(Google Adwords Campaign) you should look for longer & less popular keywords(long tail keywords).

    2. You can also go for some important paid advertisements like- Display or Banner ads, Text Ads and on social media platforms like facebook, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon.

    3. You shouldn't go for paid advertisements if you are not ready to track how your ads are performing.

    4. For your incoming visitors, there should be unique landing page because from their you can also push your visitors for a specified action such as downloading a free game(Call to action) & most important you can easily track visits for that particular landing page.

    5. You should also review your results regularly might be in a month or weekly.

    I hope these above-given points will definitely help.

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