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  • How to Redirect a Website using HTML Code

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    Hi Friends,

    After my previous blog post on How to Optimize Image for Website, today we will discuss about some best programming ways to Redirect a website. I am covering this topic as point of SEO Expert. Some points of this topic I have already covered in point number 3- Use Properly Structured Urls: of my blog post How to Do a Perfect On-Page SEO of Your Website: Part 1.

    Now questions arises that "What is this URL Redirect?"

    URL redirect is method of sending both major search engines and User from on web page to another. There are different type of redirect method:

    • 301 Redirect: This is a way to redirect both for search engine and User. Which passes most of Link Juice above 90% as suggested by Google itself. You can check this Link to a video tutorial of Matt Cutts Previously Head of Googles Web spam team and one of spokesperson of Google.
    • 302 Redirect: This is also known as ' Moved Temporarily' and does not gives any link juice to destination website.
    • 307 Redirect : It is Known as 'Moved Temporarily' (HTTP 1.1) . It is the HTTP 1.1 version of the 302 redirect.

    There are various methods or ways to redirect a website/ URL, but Choose only HTML code ways to Redirect a website:

    Html Redirect

    HTML code Redirection or Meta refresh method:

    It is a very simplest method of redirect but it only redirects a page not a whole website. One should have to use inside header<head> tag of each page which he wants to redirect to some other page. Sadly, not recommended by Google as its slowest.  
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=''" />

    conten=0 means the web browser redirect user with in Jiffy (0 second). You can change this value depending upon your requirement like 10 sec or 20 Sec. If you want browser to wait for 20 second then change content 0 value to 20.

    In this blog we have discussed the Html programming methods of doing web page / Website redirect. Hope it will help you in your dailly website redirection issues. If you have have any HTML related query do post at FindNerd's Html Help Forum.

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