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  • You can make a fields as function type

    in odoo-8.0 there is the compute attribute to make the field as a function

    For Example: seats_reserved = fields.Integer(oldname='register_current', string='Reserved Seats', store=True, readonly=True, compute='_compute_seats')

    @api.depends('seats_max', 'registration_ids.state', 'registration_ids.nb_register')
    def _compute_seats(self):
        """ Determine reserved, available, reserved but unconfirmed and used seats. """
        # initialize fields to 0
        for event in self:
            event.seats_unconfirmed = event.seats_reserved = event.seats_used = 0
        # aggregate registrations by event and by state
        if self.ids:
            state_field = {
                'draft': 'seats_unconfirmed',
                'done': 'seats_used',
            query = """ SELECT event_id, state, sum(nb_register)
                        FROM event_registration
                        WHERE event_id IN %s AND state IN ('draft', 'open', 'done')
                        GROUP BY event_id, state
            self._cr.execute(query, (tuple(self.ids),))
            for event_id, state, num in self._cr.fetchall():
                event = self.browse(event_id)
                event[state_field[state]] += num
        # compute seats_available
        for event in self:
            event.seats_available = \
                event.seats_max - (event.seats_reserved + event.seats_used) \
                if event.seats_max > 0 else 0

    You can see in the event module in file


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