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  • With a twitter automation, you can get the most impact for your tweets, and make sure most of your followers see them. Scheduling tweets is not hard – most of people have probably done it at least once. Here is a list of the best twitter automation tools.


    A twitter tools list cannot go without the mentioning of Hootsuite and that’s how popular and effective this tool has been. Managing your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all at once has been nailed down perfectly by this tool and is a must-have for every serious online marketer. If you also happen to be managing multiple twitter accounts, Hootsuite is a great add-on that lets you re-tweet across multiple profiles automatically.

    People sending you thanks for the retweet or welcoming you when you follow a Twitter profile and announcing top 3 engaged followers on Friday. Well, this is what Commun it does. You can also schedule tweet & automate a lot of things that would increase the engagement of your Twitter profile.


    Buffer is simply one of the best Twitter tools out there for users who tend to tweet in short bursts. You might be losing out valuable followers by tweeting such a way. Distributed tweets throughout the day tend to convert better, and Buffer lets you schedule your tweets to the best performing time of the day. A balanced tweeting schedule is the sign of an organized individual and should gain you more attention.

  • Thanks for putting this really trending topic i.e Twitter Automation. Twitter automation save our time but I can't recommend you complete Twitter Automation due to its huge demerits.

    • Your Twitter account look like a BOT.
    • Minimum Interaction with your followers.
    • Always a danger of Ban/Account Locked by Twitter.
    • Your conversation doesn't have a personal touch.

    For partial automation, you can use these Top 5 Essential Twitter Tools.

    Apart from these five other online tools automate your tasks are IFTTTIntegromat , zapier etc


    If you have any further queries, feel free to ask me on Twitter

  • Lots of tools have already been mentioned by the experts but I would like to suggest some of the rules(for every social media platform) you should follow :- 

    1. Don't Automate Everything.
    2. Only Automate your posts.
    3. Dive into your analytics and choose the ideal time to schedule your posts.
    4. Before automating mix your content type like :- (Questions, Viral Photos, Videos, Inspirational Quotes, Links, Funny Memes, Your Blog Posts etc).
    5. Automate your Evergreen Content.
    6. You should maintain your live presence while responding and never automate things like :- Replies to comments, Answers to questions, Replies to messages, Retweets.
  • Twitter

    Twitter is a free social networking and micro blogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called tweets.

    Twitter members can broadcast tweets and follow other user's tweets by using multiple platforms and devices.

    Tweets and replies to tweets can be sent by cell phone, text message, desktop client or by posting at the website.

    Some of the best tool to automate tweets, retweets, like, follow and unfollow people are :

    Tweet Adder:

    Tweet Adder is the most powerful tool that helps to auto-follow the twitter followers along with a lot of other powerful features that can help to boost Twitter Marketing. This software is available for Windows/Mac/Linux Operating System.


    Refollow is a Twitter Automation Tool that helps to follow all new followers instantly. This tool is having many options such as creating group of friends and fans, use multiple tagging, automate tweets, filter unwanted users, search tweets of your followers and much more.


    LocalTweetFinder is a Twitter Automation Package to Boost the Brand’s Popularity in the Locality. This twitter tool helps to Follow People, Reply and Send Direct Messages Based on Geographic Location.


    TweetChat allows users to participate in individual chatting sessions instead of public mentioning by the use of hashtags.


    Buffer is simply one of the best Twitter tools for users who tend to tweet in short bursts. Buffer lets you schedule your tweets. A balanced tweeting schedule helps to gain more attention of followers.


  • There are several tools available for Twitter which helps you in keeping the full record of your twitter account easily. Some of them are:-

    CoTweet:- Lets you to engage, track and analyze your tweet. Its free version lets you to collaborate with others, schedule tweets and conversation history.

    SocialOomph:- Another free tool for Twitter lets you schedule tweet, extend your twitter profile, and much more.

    Copromote:- A tool used with twitter,facebook,instagram,tumblr,vine,youtube. Here you can boost a post once with every account. It is a simple & easy way to increase twitter followers and increase the reach of your post.

    Hootsuite:- It can give you the authority to use the free plan only if you have less than 5 social media profiles to manage. A unique tool that lets you to collect all your tweets and collect then all in the form of a newspaper format which can easily be shared on twitter.

    Hashtagify:- Lets you analyze the trendy hashtags on twitter according your search.

    Hope it helps!

    •  eClincher, Buffer, Twittimer can be used for scheduling and rescheduling your tweets. Eclincher and Buffer shows the metrics and analytics of the tweets when, where, how people engage with your tweet, not only that it shows the best timing for posting the tweets to get maximum engagement.Buffer and eClincher are Paid tools where as Twittimer is a free software in which you can only reschedule but cant check the analytics.
    • For fast unfollowing and following use Crowdfireapp you can view who are your Fans, Followers, Non-followers and can act according to it. It also gives a search by keyword option where you can follow Tweep users according to your niche.
    • Now comes the part how to keep a track of every tweet and to get and see tweets of desired keywords, i suggest Tweetdeck is the best one up until now.
    • For automated tweets for a given keyword or to tweet it automatically or for crossposting across the social media platforms i would suggest to use IFTTT or Integromat .

    I hope this answer might have helped you. Good luck for future and to know more follow me on twitter:

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