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  • How to set up Wireless Network Connection in Windows

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    We are all aware of the benefits of home wireless networks and the many ways we can use them. For that reason we have decided to write this article and try to explain how you can set up a wireless network connection in Windows.

    Things you need before you begin

    It is always better to start prepared so the following things are necessary if you want to do this job properly.

    1. First of all you need to have Windows installed on your PC or laptop.
    2. A high-speed Internet connection
    3. A wireless router
    4. Wireless Adaptors (if your PC or laptop doesn’t have one)

    If you are not sure whether your PC or laptop has built-in network adapters try the following:

    1. Head to the Control Panel
    2. Find Network And Sharing and double-click it
    3. On the left you will seeManage Network Adaptors. Click on it too.
    4. If there is a built-in a wireless network adapter, you will see an icon labeled asWireless Network Connection.

    How to Set Up the Internet Connection

    When you pick a new ISP in most cases they will set up your internet connection. However, if for any reason your internet connection hasn’t been set up, make sure to stick to the next few steps. These steps apply if you have received a Wi-Fi router together with the modem.

    1. First plug in the phone cable to the right place into the router
    2. The other end of the phone cable goes to the wall jack or the DSL part on the splitter.
    3. Plug in the router.
    4. Start up your laptop or PC with admin privileges.
    5. Head to theControl Panel.
    6. Left-Click on Network And Sharing Center
    7. Then left-click onSetup A New Connection or Network
    8. Double click the Connect to Internet and follow the Wizard.

    If the router and the modem are not the same you will have to connect modem and the splitter or phone jack with a phone cable. After that connect the modem to the router with an Ethernet cable.

    Now try to open some websites or browse a little since the internet connection should be working now. If it fails, something is wrong. If this happens either check all the steps from above, check if everything is properly connected or let Windows troubleshoot the problem.

    It’s time to secure the network

    In case everything is working fine you have to take care of the security of your wireless network. To do this please follow the next few steps.

    1. Login to your router using its default IP address (mainly or and your browser
    2. Change the default Network name (SSID)
    3. Choose WPA2 security and assign a strong password
    4. Change the default router login details
    5. Disable remote administration
    6. If you wish you can enable MAC filtering, but make sure to collect the MAC addresses of all the devices you plan to connect to your wireless network first.

    Connect other computers tothe network

    1. Find the Network icon on the bottom right on your screen.
    2. Click on it and you will see a list of available networks.
    3. Select the one with the Network name you have changed previously
    4. When asked for password, enter the new one.
    5. If everything is fine you will be connected.

    How to set up sharing to the network

    If you want to use a printer or a scanner which are already connected to a PC in the network you have to enable sharing on all the PCs. Here is what you have to do now.

    Right-click the Network icon

    The left- click on Open Network and Sharing Center

    On the right you will see Home group and Sharing Options. Follow the wizard but get the Home group password first from the main PC in the network.

    If you want to share files there is a folder named Public. Copy the files you want to share there.

    So, this is generally the right way to set up a wireless network on a Windows PC. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us.

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