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  • According to me Affiliate marketing is not going to die but in fact there will be a definite boom in this industry as almost all companies are either already in the online market or they're going to be online soon. So there is a clear share for each of affiliate marketer to help these companies to sell their products to online customers.

    Types  of affiliate marketing:

    There are various types of internet affiliate marketing but some of the most popular ones are mentioned below:


    1) Coupon Affiliates: In this type of Affiliate marketing, one can provide coupons to consumers and in turn can earn commission from the sellers website. Currently, many of such coupon websites are flourishing over the web. You can find them by searching keyword Brand Name +Coupons. For example:

    2) PPC Affiliates: PPC affiliate marketing is for those who know Paid marketing better than the merchant so that he/she can earn the profit. To become PPC affiliate one must have good keyword tools.

    PPC affiliate make their revenues from leads, number of impression and number of Clicks.

    3) Content Affiliates: This is a treat for people who are passionate about writing and for those who can generate engaging content for their readers. Affiliate links can be added in the related blog articles. This creates more engagement and more number of sessions on the merchants website. For e.g. if you have a travel blog then you can always embed affiliate links of websites like cleartrip, makemytrip etc. in your blog posts.

    4) Datafeed Affiliates: These is basically done by comparison websites which compare prices and other features of a  particular product.

    5) Video Affiliates: Successful video affiliates make shopping entertaining for people. In this affiliate marketing, we can add value to user and engage them. Honest reviews and insightful video tutorials helps in driving the traffic towards a particular product on merchant websites. Hence, imparting video affiliate marketers their share of commission on each sale of that particular product.


    Hope this answer helps you.





  • In my opinion, it would be too big of a statement to make that affiliate marketing is dying because it clearly isn't. As long as people are buying and selling products online in the world, affiliate marketing will continue to prosper. The prospects of the affiliate marketing are changing and definitely not dying. These changes came along with the Google's Penguin algorithm update which forced affiliate marketers to terminate spammed links, offer genuine website content and cease the display of big banners on their websites. This did created a little dip in affiliate marketing activities but they have evolved over time such that today it exists right in front of our eyes.

    Companies like Google and Amazon have a huge network of affiliated marketers. Anyone can publish their ads on their websites and earn commision on each sale. Moreover, with the emergence of social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, affiliate marketing has spurred to great heights. As the ads are dependent on the type of the website content being displayed and the current choices of the user, the user gets to see relevant advertisements which in turn engages them.

    Hence, the very purpose of marketing is to attract traffic towards their website, engage users and retain those customers which is being successfully fulfilled through affiliate marketing channels.

  • Although affiliate marketing has witnessed a decline over the years, it's wrong to say that affiliate marketing is completely dead. In order to generate fruitful results out of affiliate marketing efforts, one needs to understand their offer and know the target audience. you can get good traffic on your site via demand-side platforms (DSPs). Since Google's focus is more on quality, it keeps evolving it's algorithm to deliver quality and most appropriate results. Google is forced to make the algorithm more stringent, since thin content and poor quality websites have plagued affiliate marketing for long.

    So, the takeaway is simple, affiliate marketing is not dead, but old methods are. This is perhaps the reason why startups without professional guidance are unable to make the most of their affiliate marketing efforts. Your website should not appear displaying too many ads. The focus should be more on quality content and top-notch user experience instead. Affiliate marketers also must devise effective strategies for search engine marketing and social media marketing to increase conversion rates .

  • Not at all. New Google update is just to make web a better place, to have a better quality content and to remove the spam links. Whereas Affiliate marketing is concerned it is not at all affected as along as it is done in a relevant way. Many ecommerce websites are still earning huge profits using affiliate programs.

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