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  • According to my knowledge, Email Marketing can't be dead, its still alive and long-lasting in this Digital World. Though Social Media is very popular among people nowadays but Email Marketing has its own advantages. Email Marketing is not only the best mode of communication in the business world but also is one of the effective and cheapest ways to reach a prospect, and aware about one's products and services. And the best part of Email Marketing is that one can respond to the email received or else ignore the mail.

    A person who works on email marketing every day, he/she very well knows that quality sales opportunities, brand value, and leads can still be generated through emails, as long as he is doing it effectively.

    Some benefits of email marketing are:

    . Raise awareness. (Inform customers about a product.)

    . Stimulate a desire for acquisition. (Tell them where to get it.)

    . Guide the reader toward conversion. (Transform prospects into customers.)

    . Create customer retention. (Sell them related products.)

    New marketing trends may keep on changing like new fashion but old techniques always work and will never die. In simple words, If youre not using it, youre losing.

  • No, Email Marketing is here to stay. Email marketing is a digital marketing that uses electronic mail (also called email or e-mail) as the marketing communication which is used in a number of ways by organizations and marketers for brand and customer loyalty building, acquiring or converting customers, company advertisements, and for communicating promotional offers.

    It's easy to tap into growing mobile market :

    Without emails, itd be nearly impossible for marketers to reach people when theyre not at their computers. People check their email on their cell phones and tablets at least once a day. Its much harder to articulate a marketing message with a limited number of words.

    Email seamlessly integrates with marketing strategies :

    It can inform someone about the latest post.

    It can remind someone of an interesting social-media message.

    It can alert someone about an approaching deadline on an offer.

  • The Answer is NO.

    As Nowadays everybody is too busy in their daily schedule and it is not possible for them to get updated about a particular business. Email Marketing helps them here.

    Also it has the following Benefits:-

    • Offers a strong ROI

    • Nurture the Leads

    • Simple for small Business Owners.

    • Emails Response is better than 3 times as of Social Media.

    • People like to stay updated through E-mails

  • I don't think email marketing is dead. As email marketing connects many clients and customers to buy the products or buy the services. I have found an infographic on email marketing. Here is the infographic:
    7 Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Isnt Dead
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