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  • Hello Rinki,

    Having a clear plan for how your business will use channel like Facebook,Instagram,twitter will significantly improve your chances for success. After going according to your plan it is important to review the things and best way to do it is with social media audit. As it will help you what is working,what is falling and what can be improved.

    So the best way is to include the basic in your social media checklist like,

    Profile information (Name and URL).

    Follower count

    Referral traffic

    Posting frequency

    Channel specifc matrics


    Find your best and wrost social media channel

    Identify the top performing social media posts

    Check yor site's most shared content

    Check your profile is complete and branding is consistent

    Explore new social media platforms.

    I think this will can solve your problem.


  • Hello Rinki,

    You should always make inventory of your competitors and your own social channels to be ahead of your competitors for this you can use social media tactics which are working or not and and what can be improved upon to enhance your social media channel this can be regularised by social audit.

    If you haven’t done an audit before, it can be a pretty difficult task. In fact, the longer you’ve been doing social media without any actual metrics and performance monitoring, the more challenging it can be to put together useful data in order to improve your social media use.For this you can create a spreadsheet having collective data to be able to track and compare down the Track your social media profile- your followers and fans,engagement on a post and etc.

    Basically, audits are helpful for everyone, no matter where you’re at with your social media marketing.

  • Hey! Rinki
    Every new tool or strategy is useful sometimes and You should always give it a try.
    Social media audit is the thing by which we can collect the info of social traffic what’s working, what’s failing and what you can improved upon the new tactics across your social media channels. 

    As we know that if we wanted to create a template for the Social Media Audit, we need spreadsheet to stay organized. Because no matter how much good you are in remembering, it will fade away from your memory, but you cannot do or feed a social media audit in your head. As well as your audits need to be handy for everyone in your team as well as having data to be able to track and compare. This data can be helpful in the long run for understanding Market situations.
  • Hi Rinki,

    Yes, social media audit is very useful & matters a lot in social media marketing. Examining & reviewing the content serves opportunity to enhance your growth & strategies.

    Social Media Audit :

    Social Media Audit define the process of reviewing & analyzing the improving areas, positive & negative aspects across the social media channels. It helps to plan the future strategies & goals. It is a social media presence with improved social media strategies & business profiles.


    Important steps to perform successful Social Media Audit :


    1. Create a social media audit template which includes social media checklist such as :


    • profile details ( name , url )
    • Referral traffic
    • Follower count
    • channel specific metrics


    2. Search for best & worse social media channels & perform a complete review of every social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Use Namechk tool for finding existing social media profiles & helps to differentiate which profile need more attention. There are 3 points to check the social media profile such as :


    • referral traffic
    • engagement
    • opportunity

    3. Try to identify top performing social media post to improve social media content strategy. Use social media audit to review the content and shared post & analyze the post having bigger impact which helps in creating future content strategies.

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