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  • Tips To Increase The Website Speed

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    Hello readers, Today in my blog I will discuss some tips that would help the web designer to improve their website speed.


    As many of us have visited various Online Shopping website and many of them take much time to load which losses the users interest,  so to overcome this the web designers must work over the website speed because creating a good layout and content is not enough.


    As today nobody has the patience to wait for anything,  so to get the viewer engaged into your site and to have a look over it we need to increase the speed of our website as by reducing the loading time.


    So here are some tips that would help the users to increase their website speed :-

    • Reduce HTTP Request :- By including images,  scripts ,  style sheets affects the loading speed of a website.  One should remove the elements from their website which are not necessary.


    • Reduce Redirect :- As the number of HTTP Request increases it would directly increase the number of redirect and will eventually take more time in loading .


    • Use Of CDN :- Basically CDN means Content Delivery Network which is a collection of servers that are located in different geographical locations to deliver the content more efficiently.  By using it in a website one can easily deliver its content wherever location it wants taking less time.


    • Specifying the image Dimensions :- The user must specify the dimensions of the images its height and width which would help the browser to download the image fast.


    • Putting CSS at top and JS at the bottom :- In order to reduce the progressive rendering the user must put the style sheets link in the head tag and JS at the bottom else the user would see a white page until the the entire site gets loaded.


    • Browser Caching :- It also plays a vital role in loading your website.  As all our requested web pages gets stored in the hard drive by the browser,  if any user requests the same page it will load faster.


    • Less Use Of Plug ins :- On including number of plug ins would increase the loading time. One must remove the unnecessary plug ins which slows the loading time.


    • Use Compression :- If the size of the page of web designer is too large,  he/she must use compression which reduces the bandwidth of the pages resulting in reducing the generated HTTP response and would reduce the loading time.


    • Specifying the Character Set :- To reduce the loading time, every designer must add the specified character set in the header tag.


    Conclusion :-

    I hope these tips would be useful for the Web Designers to improve their website speed.

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