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  • Unity3D Developer Required for Sport PC Game

    (Hiring Open)

    Fixed Price: Between $50 and $500

    Duration: 1-3 months

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    Two teams of three players square off in a simple arena in which each team has a goal. The object is to take the flag in the middle of the court and put it in the other team’s goal zone.


    • Scoring a goal earns one point and ends the round.
    • Each match consists of 5 rounds, with a three-minute time limit for each round.
    • Each player may tackle any other at any time.
    • One direct hit will kill a player.
    • Dead players respawn in three seconds at their own goal zone.
    • Friendly players can hurt each other.
    • A radar would be required.
    • The flag is automatically picked up when a player touches it.
    • The flag cannot be dropped.


    Online multi-player with following modes: 3 vs 3. Creating custom lobbies and inviting friends included. 


    Local mode. can be played 3 vs 3 with the player against AI and with AI teammates.

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  • Hi!

    I'm a Mid Ranged freelancer. I think my skills are qualified enough to take over this project. I'm seeking portfolio and some experience as I'm growing in this field each day. I'm small now but projects like this will help me gain experience and to perfect my skills. I would greatly appritiate if you could give me a chance and I will try my best to meet your expectations. I'm a beginer so I'm quoting very less to you. If this gets done then I think it should be worth it. I'm pretty much fluent in WordPress, HTML, CSS etc.

    My Previous work 1) 2) 3) 4)

    Contact me E m a i l : cajetan1997 @ yahoo . com S k y p e : cajetan-fernandes1 (Remove spaces)

    Thanks for your time reading this. Regards! Cajetan

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for posting you requirements and opportunity to offer our Professional Game Development services.

    The game concept shared is very much feasible and your choice of UNITY3D game engine fits well with the initial requirements.

    We understand this to be Game where the objective is to score as many goals within the allotted time in 5 rounds to win a game. The objective is to score goals by picking the Flag in the middle and putting in the opponent goal zone.

    The concept and game-play is clear however here are few initial queries to help us form a more comprehensive analysis:

    1. What type of actions can the player perform ? (e.g. Running, tackling etc)
    2. Will the player motions/actions follow closely like Football/Soccer game ?
    3. How is tackling different from Direct Hit (which kills players) ?
    4. How do you envision injuries and its effects on the friendly players ?
    5. Are you looking for 2D or 3D graphic style ?
    6. Do you invite other teams to play against or other team will randomly chosen by system?

    From our overview of the core game-play both Multiplayer and Single Player modes are feasible however we do have to custom code the complete AI for single player modes and for Multiplayer mode use appropriate game servers.

    I look forward to your inputs on the above queries for us further assist you with our analysis and please do let me know if we can connect over Skype or Phone and opportunity to further our discussion.

    I eagerly anticipate to hear from you.


    Sourav Nag

    Skype: logicsimplified


  • Hello, the project sounds interesting.

    I would like to be part of it.

    I have extensive experience as a software developer and I have participated in projects of companies engaged in game development.

    I leave my contact details as well as a copy of my short Curriculum and i also have recomendations letters from TEAM KAIZEN studios .

    e-mail :

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