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  • Effective bidding strategies that companies employ for maximizing the clicks are:

    1. In Google Adword, CPC(Cost Per Click) there are three types

    • Automated CPC: This CPC is used when you are new in the market basically when the website or company page is launched new in the web. It can be used as market research and can be run for Seven days. In long term, It might be fatal as Google charges according to its fixed algorithm in which it will spend your money attracting every Google User who are interested in your Niche.

    • Manual CPC: This CPC is used when the market research is done and You have entered in the market to attract only those Google Users who are interested in your Niche and can convert into potential customer by clicking on your Ad. This conversion is also known as Lead Generation.

    • Enhanced CPC: This CPC is the mixture of both the above CPC methods to get the maximum click through rate CTR on an Ad.

    • Click here: to know more about CPC.

     2.   In Google Adword, Another method is CPM(Cost per mile or Cost per Impression) here you have to be careful while placing an Image Ad. You have to be careful while choosing your images for a Banner Ad. Banner Ads have different Dimensions and google has some guidelines for that for eg: You cannot run animation ads for more than 30 seconds. Click here: to know more.

       3.   Always go for Clickbait make catchy titles and images to make the user click on it. There are many tools like Ritetag,Hashtagify,BuzzSumo, FindNerd which can give you about trends and people are searching about.

     4.   Content is King, but also make sure to have Anchor Text and SEO Optimized Meta Titles,Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Header Tags(H1,H2). Use Moz, Hubspot or SEO tools like YOAST, ALL in ONE Seo tools.
    5.    ROAS(Return on Ad Spend) is  designed to deliver a specific amount of revenue over your advertising costs. ROAS= Revenue/Cost.

         6.    A cost-per-acquisition (CPA) strategy allows you to maximize the conversions that you receive for a specific price that means you set a 5 dollar CPA, it will tell your PPC platform to reduce your bids once it has reached its conversion goal. Marin and Kenshoo is one of the tools used for CPA.

  • Hello Ankur,
    There are various strategy for bidding/click provided by Google such as, Manual cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), Cost-per-acquisition (CPA), Automatic cost-per-click (CPC) etc.

    So according to your question if you want to maximise your click you should go with Automatic cost-per-click (CPC), What you have to do here is you have to set a daily targeted budget and as we know you have chosen Automatic cost-per-click (CPC) soin interest of you the Google AdWords will automatically adjust your maximum CPC " cost-per-click" bids and make sure to get the maximum clicks within the set budget.

    the above statement is just a short conclusion, You can ask us regarding your query and help also you can learn more about bidding strategy and AdWords on below mentioned link:
    Google Adwords
  • Some of the effective bidding strategies that can get you as many clicks as possible within the budget are:


    Manual CPC Bidding: This method of bidding gives you control to manually set the bids for clicks. Here you pay only when a viewer clicks on your ad.

    Automatic CPC Bidding: This method will bring you more clicks. it only runs on text ads to get you clicks at much cheaper rates. Set a daily budget. The control is given to AdWords which automatically adjusts your bids to get the most clicks.

    Enhanced CPC Bidding: Google AdWords does all the work for you here. It will increase or decrease bids for more conversions.

    For any business, an effective bidding strategy is chosen based on the type of business marketplace etc


  • There are five types of flexible bid strategies: Maximize clicks: This is a flexible version of the Automatic CPC bidding strategy. CPA bidding: This is a flexible version of Conversion Optimizer used in the target CPA (average CPA) capacity. Enhanced CPC: Flexible version of the existing enhanced CPC capability.
  • There are 4 types of adword bidding and they are-

    Manual cost-per-click (CPC) bidding refers to the bedding strategy where you have to you pay for each click on your ads. for example if a user clicks on your ad once the cost set will be charged.

    Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM),is the process by which you can calculate the cost on the basis of impressions , means that how many time your ads were shown/appeared on user's screen. This is also known as cost per mile.

    Cost-per-acquisition (CPA), is an AdWords Smart Bidding strategy that sets bids to get as many conversions as possible at the target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) you set.

    and as Sachin suggest for your requirement you should go for the Automatic CPC and why to opt this is already elaborated to you in Sachin's answer.
  • Automated CPC (cost-per-click) is Google operated and gives you the best ROI on efforts you put on the Adwords manager. It is basically a good choice as it helps you get maximum clicks within your budget. Another good option is to use Enhanced CPC, which consists of both Automated and Manual CPC. Enhanced CPC keeps in check your budget. CPC makes sures that the Click Through Rate (CTR) is always maintained. Set a daily targeted budget and as per your target audience interest or keyword of your niche, Google AdWords will automatically adjust your maximum CPC bids and brings maximum clicks within the set budget.

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