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  • Hello Amrinder,

    The online advertising always have more advantages then the TV, Radio or Print Media Marketing. But in my answer I will not provide you advantages or disadvantages as their are many article over internet that will provide you pro and cons but in my answer you will get to know why to chose online campaign and example to set your limited budget to run Adword's Campaign. So here we go's: 

    Through online campaign their are high chance not only high chance but frequently you can get positive ROI. It will be very easy to get traffic without the planned budget as long as ROI is positive. 
    Whereas, the Print Media, TV and Radio Marketing can give you proper cost estimation and exposure to your product but will cost you much higher without a chance security of positive ROI hence the online campaign are not only highly measurable but it provides you the Positive Return on Investment.

    So according to your situation let's take an example:
    let's consider you can spend only INR 4050 per month on your online campaign then you can set daily budget as INR 135 for advertiser campaign on "Adword account".

    Hence online campaign "Adwords" not only provides you the way to manage your money that you spend on online advertising but here you can also select how much you want to spend per month, per day and on per ad. So online campaign not only generates exposure it also generates clicks.
  • I do agree with @Pankaj. With low budget always prefer to go with Internet marketing services which are cheaper, flexible and effective. One of the basic advantage of internet marketing is that it can help to give boost to your business in terms of overall reach and by building your startup business into a growing brand. Another advantage of internet marketing is that, you can learn some basics of activities like PPC, SMM and can also promote your business of your own.

    Hope this information is helpful in choosing internet marketing as your promotion strategy. Looking for more tips and suggestions below. To share & learn more knowledge on Digital Marketing, connect me on QuoraTwitter and LinkedIn
  • Tv and radio are commonly referred as the traditional media. The others are newspaper, magazines and the Internet. The reach is a major advantage with TV and radio ads. But ads in TV are like, some of the top TV ad agencies demand a price tag of Rs. 3,50,000 or more for a 10 second spot during prime time.

    So, as you mentioned your low budget, it would be better to opt the Internet marketing. Internet marketing services such as SEO, PPC and web page optimization services are implemented for the growth and overall expansion as well as promotion of a business or website. SEO services are benificial in directing traffic to your website. It also helps in creating brand visibility also increase market presence.

    All in all, Internet Marketing is a great and beneficial means to promote and grow your business overnight at a substantially low cost.
  • Hi Amrinder,

    Online advertising is the best way to promote once product and services. It is less expensive and gives you wide coverage, leading your campaigns to reach targeted audiences worldwide. Every single step can be tracked and illustrated in detailed graphs, which helps you know what to do and what not to do, thus leads to your campaign’s success.
    As people are more active on social media, online advertising allows you to reach your targeted audience easier and faster than TV, Radio and Print Media. Therefore Online advertising probably a great way to start to spread your information worldwide.
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