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  • It is absolutely correct that social media marketing practices help to boost your brand visibility as your message gets viral on social media among huge network or connections spreading all across the globe. Apart from this your social media updates are also indexed by major search engines like Google which shows those social updates within the search engine result page based on the relevancy of the content and hash-tags used within the update with respect to the query searched by the user.

    As you now know the importance of social media for boosting SEO business, so the next step is to identify and implement them. There are various social media practices that are helpful, however as per the trend there are 6 best social media practices to boost SEO business in 2016. Here I am sharing some of the practices for you to get your online business on top among competitors :

    1. Share catchy interactive text & audio-visual content among users
    2. Learn to grow relevant, active followers within your niche
    3. Optimize posts with keywords & images to increase local searches

    Hope these practices are helpful.

  • Optimizing Social Media Posts for Searches

    This is a strategy that helps a great deal in opening up a channel to direct viewers to posts. The posts can be an article, or a video or even news articles, but optimizing the contents on social media always has a positive effect on searches. Optimizing the posts on social media offers a great boost to the SEO strategies.

  • Social media is a vast platform to boost your business. Through it, you can increase the social presence of your brand, and it is also very useful in improving SEO ranking. I am suggesting you some important facts of social media.

    We know that many social media websites are running in the world, but we will focus on the most popular ones - 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Google+ 4. Reddit 5. Stumbleupon 6. Pinterest

    1. Share interesting content like informative blogs , jokes, trending news related to your business, job opening, etc. And dont forget to include highly trending Hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.
    2. Use high quality images with proper height and width.
    3. Join facebook groups related to your business/brand and keep sharing posts.
    4. Like, share and comment on posts of other users as it helps in increasing interaction with them.
    5. Twitter is the best way to boost your business on social media. Post 3-4 tweets regularly on your Twitter timeline. Create a list and add interesting people in this and also share your post in this list.
    6. Pinterest is the collection of pinboard where you can pin your blogs, videos and images to increase the presence under the board. You must use Hashtags as it opens gates to growth for your business.
    7. Google+ is also very beneficial to increase your brands presence. Share 3-4 posts regular with proper hashtags. Joined the G+ group related to your business and share your post there.
    8. Reddit is popularly known as a social-media and social-news aggregation. Its also popular for web content rating and enabling discussions to provide solutions. You can share content, link and images on appropriate subreddits on Reddit.

    I hope all the above points will prove fruitful for your business.

  • As a matter of fact, there is no official confirmation from Google team that social signals really support SEO. Instead, Matt Cutts from Google team in 2014 denied in this video that Social Signal do impact SEO results.  But its been two years now and Google has updated his algorithms many times since then. So, we can cant totally rely on what Mr. Cutts was saying at that time.


    There are more than 200 ranking factors that can boost your keyphrases in Googles SERP. You can check many of them at this blog post from backlinko. According to backlinko, some of the social signals directly or indirectly support SEO. Like number of Tweets, Facebook shares, votes on Social Sharing Sites, number of Google+1s.


    Some Significant Social Media Practices of 2016 to Boost the SEO Business


      Content is King: Dont always post self praising content, instead try posting content that adds value to user and give them solutions to their problems. Doing this will surely enhance user engagement on your post. According to me, your post should comprise of 80% informative content and 20% promotional  content.


      Be consistent: Regularly post on your Social Media Pages like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest etc
      Engagement: Try to engage  people as much as you can. To achieve this you must reply to the queries or feedback of your readers, also make your post thread lengthy and engaging.
      Catchy Headlines: Try catchy headlines sometimes as they are good at catching eyeballs of more people, which in turn results more sharing.
      Be Visible: Post visual Content. According to MDG Advertising, 94% of overall views are the result of the content containing compelling images.

    If you have further query or suggestion, Feel free to message me on the same forum or contact me on my twitter account @iHarishPal

  • With more than 3 billion people existing on social media, digital marketers want to leverage this humongous platform to grow their business. However, there certainly are some techniques marketers must use to put social media to their advantage in 2016. Have a look!

    Choose the right social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc. Structure social campaigns around your business objectives Get content ideas from Twitter and give priority to content quality over quantity Make use of best-converting ad copy in your social campaigns Keep a track on the performance of ads, and use social media analytics Post consistently and diversify your offering Enhance engagement by posting non-promotional content on social media

    I hope these techniques help you boost the SEO business in 2016.

  • Every small business owner should have a marketing strategy which should include some proven social media practices to gain exposure for their products or services.

    I m sharing some of the best social media practices here:-

    1. First of all you have to choose the right social media network according to your product or service.

    2. Your strategy should be more than just looking for more Likes, Shares, RT's and pins. You should concentrate more on building your brand awareness, gaining new customers, better customer service and increasing engagement.

    3. Create an editorial calendar which will help you in organizing and scheduling your social media posts at least for 3 months. Revisit it & further update the calendar with the most engaged content.

    4. Make it easy for your customers to recognize your business just by visiting your social media profile pages.

    5. Don't forget to monitor your social media analytics regularly which will give you a better insight to achieve your goals and objectives.

    6. Always look out for your competitors and examine them how they are managing their social media channels.

    7. Lastly, be patient as it will take time in building a loyal following and in gaining trust among your followers.

    I think if you will follow these above given practices, you will definitely achieve your goal in this highly competitive social media world.

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