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  • What is SVG and How Can We Embedding SVG in Html5?

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    Scalable Vector Graphics is mostly known as SVG is an image format type which is based on XML  it is basically used for  2-dimensional graphics for a web. We can resize SVG vector images to any extent without destroying the image quality.

    SVG advantages

    • SVG pictures can be made and altered with the help of any text editor
    • we can  search, order, and can compress any SVG pictures.
    • SVG pictures are adaptable
    • we can easily print SVG pictures at any resolution.
    • SVG is an open standard
    • We can zoom SVG pictures to any extent.

    Embedding SVG in Html5

    we can embed SVG by simply using <svg> tags .we can easily do this with the help of below syntax

    <svg width="100" height="100">
       <circle cx="60" cy="60" r="50" stroke="green" stroke-width="4" fill="yellow" />

    In above code

    • Width and height describe the width and height of the SVG image.
    • <Circle> tag is used for creating a circle .
    • The cx and cy attributes characterize the x and y directions of the focal point of the circle
    • The r attributes describe how much radius the circle image will have.
    • The stroke and stroke-width attributes are used to control the border of the circle.
    • The fill attribute describes what color circle will have.

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