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  • What is grid system ?

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    What is grid system ?

    Grid usage to guide design and page layout is in practice for around 100 years now Rationalism and New Objectivity came into picture in 1910s and 1920s due to ornamental design This shift in design was responsible for a much larger movement towards function over form Helvetica typeface and Bauhaus architecture

    Grid systems on the web

    Grid systems are known to take the form of CSS frameworks on the web A framework can be best described as a reusable abstraction of code wrapped in a well-defined API1 A collection of tools and shortcuts help in minimizing code

    CSS frameworks

    The principles of software frameworks are needed to applied to web design

    They provide standardized rules and shortcuts for:
    browser resets
    print style

    Layout Application to web design means grid systems act as CSS frameworks capable of providing standardized rules and shortcuts for building a websites layout

    Why use a grid system?

    1) Saves time
    2) Saves money
    3) Reduces frustration

    Stop reinventing the wheel It helps in reducing the amount of CSS and markup required for duplication each time you begin with a project

    Frees from the requirement of referring to old projects to understand implement layouts

    How do grid systems work? Columns Grid systems are built using columns Columns are a grid systems smallest unit of

    measurement 1216 columns are present in most grid systems

    Column width Column width defined regions (header,content, sidebars, etc.)

    As in: The header is eight columns wide Gutters (margins)

    Use of margins or padding is meant for creating gutters between columns

    It is possible with these gutters to provide margins between page regions. * Lean and versatile CSS*

    A grid systems CSS should: Be lean and efficient

    It is recommended to be versatile and reusable in order to ensure consistent behavior across all common browsers even IE6

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