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  • What is the diffrent between table and div ?

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    Different between *table* and *div*

    What is div ?

    The DIV element can be called a block element. It can also be called a layer. Its use involves dividing a page into a logical section. One of its many advantages is the ability to hold whatever you want inside it.

    There are a few attributes the div tag have. Please note that all of its formatting need css styles.

    As a matter of fact, Div are block elements, thus they stack up underneath one another, means you need to alter positioning in some way. Due to block elements, 100% of the screen width is available and line breaks can be added between each other)

    What is table ?

    Table is an inline-block element and has higher tendency to display layout elements that are in a tabular layout format. They are better than divs with such layout.

    By using the table, you can cut up an image. Later, you can perform the task of placing the image pieces back together on the page. However, its not so common nowadays as it was a few years ago.

    Statement Table Div
    Maintenance Harder Easier
    Ease of use Easier Harder
    Search Engine Friendly: Not Search engine friendly Better for SEO
    Basic function Displaying tabular data Website layout
    Document size Bigger Smaller
    Long content handling Columns are not squeezed under other column when the content is too wide. For older browser, long content can make the layout unstable
    Loading time Displayed after table completely loaded Displayed every div element loaded

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