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How to add new element in ArrayList.

 The below example will help you to add new element in arrayList. So, when we have new element list item shifts the element currently at that postion and any subsequent elements to the right which will help to insert new element at the speci...

How to remove item from ArrayList

The below example will help you to remove an Arraylist item using the element index. To remove an item from an arrayList I have used Object remove (int index) method. This method returns a reference to the item that was removed. You can see below...

Dynamically adding ListViewItem to Listview

To dynammically add new elements into listview we need a Edittext(etAddItem) to input the item/element, a Button(btnAdd) for adding item to the list, and a listview which shows elements in a vertical scrolling manner. etAddItem = (Edit...

Remove duplication from array list

If you want to remove duplicate entries from your array list you can use hash set to make all items unique rather than use of algorithms. Set is a ordered collection of items and contains only unique items. And Hashset creates a collection th...

Parcelable vs Serializable

If we want to send some data over the network or from one place to another place then we have to serialize it first using Serialization in java. Serialization is a process of Marshalling and Unmarshalling of data. Basically the conversion of Obje...
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