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C# does not support multiple inheritance

C# does not support multiple inheritance because of diamond problem. To  understand it better, just take an example. Let's consider there is a class 'X' and it has two subclasses or derived classes 'Y' and 'Z&...

Inheritance In c#

Inheritance is the one of the important feature of OOPS(object oriented programming language). This feature allows to create a class which is derived from the another class. Inheritance saves user's time and effort. It provides the reusabilit...

Compare attribute in mvc

Compare is an attribute in MVC which is used to compare any of the two properties with one another. In the application, it can be used to compare emailId and password. If both the fields are not having the same value then this attribute will disp...

How to upload multiple files in mvc?

Instead of uploading files one by one, it is better to use multiple files upload in your application so that it can save user time and effort. In mvc, there is noneed to write javascript or jquery to ulpoad multiple files. There is a HttpPpostedF...

Validation Group in

Validation group in helps to validate controls in a group. we can define any number of validation group on a page as per requirement. Each validation group will work independently than other. We set a ValidationGroup property with the sam...
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