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  • How to Connect the Android Mobile Device to JMETER?

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    Pre Conditions:
    1. Install the Jmeter in system
    2. Mobile & installed Jmeter system should be in same network

    Follow the Steps to Connect the Android Mobile to Jmeter:

    Step 1: Open the JMETER in system

    Step 2: Add HTTP Proxy Server Component right-click on WorkBench >Add > Non-test Elements > HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder
    alt text

    Step 3: Set the Port in HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder Components Eg:8087

    alt text

    Step 4: Get the Computer IP Address

    Step 5: Go to the Android Mobile

    Step 6: Open the WiFi Connected list

    Step 7: Long tap on the Connected WiFi & Select 'Modify Network' option

    alt text

    Step 8: Check 'Show advanced options' Check box
    alt text

    Step 9: Change the Proxy Settings to 'Manual'
    alt text

    Step 10: Change the Proxy Host Name to Computer Ip address (As taken in the 4th step)

    Step 11: Change the Port number
    Eg:8087 (As entered in the 3rd step)

    alt text

    Step 12: Click Save button

    alt text

    Now the Android mobile device is connected to the Jmeter in the system

    How to Record the Mobile Application on JMETER:

    Step 13: Open the Jmeter in System (As per 3rd step)

    Step 14: Click Start button HTTP(S) test Script Recorder Proxy

    alt text

    Step 15: Open the Application in Mobile on which application you want to test

    Step 16: Do the testing scenario on the application Eg: like Login functionality of application

    Step 17: Its Recorded the application as per action in the Mobile

    Step 18: Stop the HTTP(S) test Script Recorder Proxy

    alt text

    Step 19: Now Correct the Recorded Script & We can run the script for Load test.

    alt text


 14 Comment(s)

  • Hi Srinivas,

     When i try to transfer the Root file to my mobile. My mobile couldnt read the certificate. How to tranfer the Certificate or any other to install root certificate CA file on mobile.

    Thnaks in advance.
  • Hi Srinivasa,

    Even I am facing the same issue, my steps are not getting recorded .It will be great if you help me with the steps to download or save the CA certificate in my mobile which gets generated when you click on start for recording , if that is the issue for not recording my steps.

  • I didn't get any warning message. I have changed Mobile IP configuration and started recording from Jmeter> Workbench> Http(s) Test script recorder. But not a request was recorded in Jmeter. Do I need to have any particular type of application in mobile?

  • @waje Prajkta

    Hi Prajkta,

    Have you followed all the steps as i mentioned in above?

    If followed what type of warning/error message you are getting?

    please let me know every single message you get, so that i will provide you solution

    Thank you

  • Hi Priyanka,

    Its general warning message and not specific to mobile application. You can remove that warning message by placing ApacheJmeterTemporaryRootCA certificate file bin folder of jmeter. You download ApacheJmeterTemporaryRootCA certificate file from google

  • Hello Srinivas Rao,

    This article is really helpful. I am able to set the proxy in my mobile and recorder is set to record the scripts . I am getting warning to install the root certificate . Do i need to install this certificate in Mobile ?

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