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  • Accessing a Table from Xpath Locators or Making a Xpath Locators from a HTML code

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    For reading a table first we need to access elements within HTML tables. However, a web designer provides sometimes an Id or name attribute to a cell in the table. So we can't use the methods such as, or by.cssSelector(). So in this case, we can use one more element Locator by.xpath() method.

    XPath Syntax:

    Consider the HTML code below:-


          <title> misbah </title>
       <table border= 1>
             <td> first cell </td>
             <td> second cell </td>
            <td> third cell </td>
            <td> fourth cell </td>

    If we want the text of fourth cell of the table then we can use xpath method overe here. To make Xpath here some below rules we followed:

    Step 1 - Set the Parent Element :

    XPath locators in WebDriver always start with a double forward slash "//" and then followed by the parent element.

    eg: “//table”

    Step 2 - Add the child elements:

    <tbody> is the child of any table. So that all child elements in Xpath are placed to the right side of the parent separated by one forward slash “/”.

    eg: //table/tbody

    Step 3 - Add Predicates:

    In the above table the elements of two <tr> tags are the child of the <tbody> tags.

    //table/tbody/tr from this we can access only element of first <tr> and the elements of the tr is known as Siblings.

    According to above table if we want to access second row of the table then we provides the predicates like //table/tbody/tr[2].

    Predicates are the numbers in a pair of square brackets “[ ]” that distinguish a child element and it's siblings.

    eg: //table/tbody/tr[2]/td[2].

    According to above xpath here we are accessing second data of second row at above table.

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