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  • 10 Reasons To Use ASP.NET For eCommerce Store Development

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    Online shopping saw a massive surge of 45% in 2016. A cursory look at the Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sale numbers gives a fair indication of online shopping’s popularity. Shoppers spent an estimated $3.34 billion in online purchases on Black Friday followed up by $3.39 billion during Cyber Monday. In fact, Internet Retail predicts that U.S eCommerce sales will reach nearly $500 billion by 2018.



    The eCommerce shopping cart is more critical than ever to a retailer’s online success. What’s more, it needs to measure up to the online-savvy user expectations. Your shopping cart needs to deliver a seamless, safe, reliable, speedy and device-agnostic user journey. Creating your eCommerce shopping cart using ASP.NET platform can help you achieve these criteria successfully. Here are some compelling reasons to consider ASP.NET.


    1. User Experience:

    It User experience is one of the foremost factors for the success of your shopping cart. Is the site heavy to use? Are there are too many forms and registration formalities? In short, the more unified and flawless their journey from selection to check-out – the better.


    2. Speed:

    Poor site loading time and sluggish speed is what often causes shoppers to abandon their shopping cart in frustration. Amazon reveals that every 100 milliseconds of latency costs them 1 percent in sales. A robust and reliable technology such as ASP.NET allows you to deliver the desired speed and result.


    3. Safe, Secure & Reliable:

    Cybersecurity and online frauds/thefts are some of the top consumer concerns. Your eCommerce site must assure first-time shoppers and repeat customers of its safety and reliability with trusted methods and seals displayed prominently. Shoppers must also be able to use their preferred method of payment – be it credit cards, digital wallets, or cash on delivery. The .NET development framework allows you to execute safe and reliable shopping carts.


    4. Mobile-Optimized:

    Mobile shopping has already reached its tipping point as more customers prefer to use their phones and mobile devices for shopping vis-a-vis desktops. Your eCommerce site needs a mobile storefront so you can optimize your mobile user base. This means ease of payment and checkout in a seamless and responsive interface.


    5. Scalable:

    Is your solution built to handle the sudden spikes in traffic owing to holidays or special offers? A robust and scalable platform ensures your uptime and availability and is built to scale up as required.


    6. 100% Uptime:

    100% availability is a pre-requisite – as your business has to be open for customers 24 hours a day and this can be achieved using appropriate topology.


    7. Ease of Navigation & Search:

    Many frustrated users desert the website that has a labyrinthine shopping process. Good governance and information architecture ensure that users get straight to the product they have come for. A search function that works optimally also aids the user looking for similar products.


    8. Personalization:

    Websites that remember, analyze and aid user shopping experience with help from predictive technology deliver a far more personalized and superior journey to the user who will come back for more.


    9. Cost-Effectiveness:

    The overall cost of creation and upkeep of your eCommerce shopping solution must be sustainable and in-line with your budget for it to have any real ROI. Bear in mind that you will also need to account for payment gateway, customer support and other expenditure.


    10. Analytics:

    With advanced analytics, data mining and reporting – you get the perfect handle on the state of your business and performance areas of focus. A well-designed ASP.NET eCommerce platform can glean these insights for you.

    Technology is at the heart of the shopping experience you offer your customers. Choosing a stable, robust and reliable platform such as ASP.NET development services can help you drive more business and conversion. Would you leverage ASP.NET to perform eCommerce store development for your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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