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  • 10 Things to Consider When buying a Router (Beginner Guide)

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    Today, the government offices, companies, banks, schools, colleges, and all other locations have a router. Internet will be like a basic need these days without which you are unable to survive. Within many companies, employees find it difficult to move files and documents due to internet issues.


    Are you frustrated with low-speed internet connection? & thinking to set up new business network or updating your old wireless routers? But not sure, what things to consider before buying a router for your home & business. For making things harder, manufacturers describe their routers using plenty of acronyms and marketing terms who have little link with the real-life experience you get. They brag about bandwidth, AC, weird things such as smart connect, QoS, MU-MIMO, Beamforming, and more.


    Things to Consider When buying a Router


    1. Wireless Router should be Dual Band or More

    Your Wireless Router should be at least dual band. They are possibly a dual-band, Tri-Band and more. If it the wireless routers on two frequencies (if it is dual band). As result you will see two different wireless networks in your home and business. Dual-band wireless router works on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth. The only distinction between just dual-band router and tri band router is that Tri-band routers have better network coverage and connectivity.


    Tablets, computer systems, and notepads work on 2. 4GHz while mobile phones and laptops work effectively upon 5 GHz. If your region has many people staying there, select the more than dual-band router as it may give better network online connectivity.


    2. Life from the router

    A router is used simply by many employees in the particular company. People use wireless connection for various tasks for example data sharing, downloading data files and online streaming associated with content. In addition in order to that, the router is connected with numerous gadgets at once. One of the particular major things to think about while choosing a router is the life associated with the router.

    10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Router


    More fill on the router may naturally reduce its rate. If you find the router is delivering slower connectivity, it is essential to buy a brand new one.


    3. USB online connectivity

    A USB port is vital today in home and business. We have hundreds of things to do with the help of a Wifi connection. You have to download the images, send files and documents in order to the clients, and other tasks.


    Every home and business has different products such as thermal printers, modems, switches. These devices link well with the router regarding better performance. While purchasing a router, you must notice that it has a dual or more USB port (Preferably 3.0).


    4. The particular positioning of the Wi-Fi router

    The place of your own router also plays the vital role. Normally, individuals choose higher places to keep their router. The particular reason is that a person will get the utmost network coverage from the top place.


    Further, you can use heat map software program to increase network protection. You can also purchase power-line adapters along with the new router to increase network coverage. These types of adaptors help you to connect Wi-Fi also from the remote sides of the home or large office space.


    5. AC (Actual rate)

    No manufacturer gives the particular actual speed of the particular router on the deals. Most of the companies show theoretical numbers which only unique team of technicians know. To know the actual speed, you must go by means of the customers' reviews. A person can get a lot more precise idea by reading through the user reviews.


    But don’t buy wireless router below AC1200. If you see a wireless router with AC700 or AC 980, lesser than AC1200, that means you are dealing with outdated technology or old router. That wireless router is not good for your home and office space.


    Or must read the consumer reviews as the producers can provide the speed associated with testing routers on the particular boxes. In this method, you are able to get the best wireless router for home and business.


    6. RAM and processor chip

    One of the many essential things to consider while choosing a router is usually the processor and RAM. We do a lot of tasks with the help of Wi-Fi this kind of as data sharing, playing online games, online video streaming, and others.


    There are three or more varieties of processors in routers. They include single-core, double-core, and quad-core processor and its operating frequency. It is better to choose the router with a dual-core and more processor. It could manage a lot more data. As well as that, you should select the router along with RAM of at least 128 MB. If money is not a issue, then go for 256MB of RAM.


    7. Regular of router

    Whenever a person buys a router, verify its standard. You have to buy the router with modern standards like 802.11ac. This is usually better and faster compared to the routers with standard 802.11n or 802.11n wave 2 (Upgraded Version). You can transfer images, files, paperwork, and full HD or 4K streaming with the help of router of 802.11ac standard.


    8. No router from ISP

    Most of people prefer purchasing routers from ISP (Internet Service Provider) because these wireless router are available free of cost. However it is not really a good idea in order to buy a router from ISP as it don't have good speed. In most from the cases, the internet service providers provide sluggish routers or the types with standard 802. 11n. these routers have the large amount of connectivity issues plus do not show correct performance of your home and business networks.


    It is the better idea to purchase the router from a dependable manufacturer after checking several factors like range, individual or dual-band and standard.


    9. Use old router

    If you buy the new router, do not really throw away your older wireless router. Instead of tossing old router, you may buy a powerline adapter and connect it along with your new wireless router for extension of the system. In this manner, you can obtain network even from your older routers and reuse all of them for some small on the internet activities.


    10. Bandwidth

    It is very important check the bandwidth associated with the router while buying it. The routers are usually available in different bandwidths such as AC750, AC900, AC1200, AC5400 and AC1900. You must buy the router with a bandwidth of a minimum of AC1200. Any router less than this bandwidth is not really updated and gives sluggish speed than the other routers.



    Buying the router is a long term investment and you should do it effectively simply by searching for some essential things.


    Here are the top 10 things to consider when buying a router for your home and office space. Thinking of these factors will assist to stay away through old and outdated routers. If you are the particular beginner and want the smart router for quicker Wi-Fi connection, pay attention to every minute details stated above.

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