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  • Concept of multiplexing

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    Welcome to Findnerd. Today we are going to discuss the concept of multiplexing in networking. Please have a look.


    Multiplexing is nothing but a process or a way to transmit the two or more signals over a communication channel at the same time.  With this technique we can transmit the more information at the same time. Multiplexing is also used to define a process in which analog message signals or digital signals are combined into one single signal. Main aim of multiplexing is to share the expensive resources.

    Telephone and satellite are the application of multiplexing. In multiplexing there are large number of different types of signals and produces one single output which is set up to signal communication channel. Multiplexing is working in a way to divides the low capacity signal communication channel to higher level logical channels and messages are transmitted through these channels.

    Multiplexing technique can be divided into three different techniques. Please have a look.


    Analog Signals Frequency division multiplexing (FDM) Wave-length division multiplexing (WDM)
    Digital Signals Time division multiplexing (TDM)  


    A) Frequency division multiplexing (FDM)

    It is a concept to share the bandwidth of same communication channel. In common channel every signal has its own different frequency(sub-channel) and combination of signals are transmitted on common channel. Here common channel means a long distance wire. 


    A large number of signals with different frequency can be transmitted at the same time.


    It needs communication channel with large bandwidth.


    Telephone system, T.V broadcasting, Radio broadcasting


    B) Wave-length division multiplexing(WDM)

    Wave-length division is a technique to combine the signals on laser beams at different infared wave-lengths and transmit using fiber optics.


    C) Time division multiplexing (TDM)

    Time division multiplexing is technique in which signals are transmitted one by one and each signal is divided in fixed time slot. In this bandwidth is used by the signals for fixed time slot. It is categories in digital signals. We can perform the crosstalk through this technique. It needs synchronization to perform the transmission.

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