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  • 5 Quick Tips to Enhance Content Writing Skills

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    Many people like to write blogs, useful articles, and similar stuff. Blogging helps to express what lies in your heart to put off some mental pressure. Other bloggers write to help other people to solve their problems, improve their health, enlarge knowledge or simply entertain. Finally, many folks become content writers to earn money because online companies require professional writers to attract more clients using search engine optimization or briefly SEO.


    It’s not that easy to become a good content writer and it’s impossible to do from the very start. You’ll definitely need some help and time to gain experience. Many beginners learn from professional essay writers using online paper writing. It’s a good method to find out smart tips and tricks about the art of writing.


    Even quite experienced writers always look for some additional information and it’s a very wise move. Successful writers constantly look for the possibilities to sharpen their skills and enhance knowledge. Therefore, we offer 5 quick tips that help to enhance your content writing skills.


    Use Keywords Wisely


    Every content writer is judged by many criteria and SEO skill is amongst them. You should make your content “visible” on the Internet. Search engines will bring potential readers to your articles if you use specific words properly. The choice is dependent on the specification of your articles. If you write about writing tips, you may use something like “tips for writers”, “best writing tips”, “quick prompts to improve your writing”, etc. Thus, online users will find your articles if you guess what keywords they’ll use. It’s necessary to study the most popular search engine requests.


    Invest in Writing Tools


    Thanks to technological progress, humanity reaps lots of benefits. Thus, writers are welcome to use various writing and editing applications. They help to detect weak parts and mistakes. Thus, writers become aware of their problems and can undertake appropriate measures to solve them. 


    We’ll highlight 5 great tools, which surely help to enhance your writing skills. They are all free.




    Short Description


    It’s a very resourceful application, which checks grammar, stylistics, punctuation, and spelling. The application detects mistakes and provides correct variants. It can be easily installed into Word.

    Hemingway Editor

    This application helps to identify problems with word selection and grammar. Besides, it indicates the readability of your texts and underlines words that are incorrect or can be replaced with simpler versions.

    Plot Generator

    It is targeted at creating different possibilities of writing. The users will learn how to enhance creative writing, novel writing, and other forms without much effort.

    iA Writer

    It’s a distraction-free application. It displays your adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs, and similar essentials for easy editing.


    The app offers 150 writing prompts to enhance your writing skills and avoid mistakes.


    Pass Online Courses


    Another great option is to practice your skills and test knowledge passing online courses. There are multiple websites designed by famous colleges and universities. They propose their help for free. You’re welcome to choose any direction and check your competence.


    One of the good variants is It highlights the 10 best universities that offer their free online programs. Review each website and see whether it suits your learning goals. You can learn how to complete each part of an essay, improve technical writing, define how to write novels, short stories, fiction, etc. Passing those programs, you’ll become an experienced author of various literary genres.

  offers even more useful online courses. It provides direct links to 90 famous colleges and universities that are also targeted at the improvement of writing skills. Each educational institution is able to offer various services. Passing their courses, you may learn a lot about:


    • Grammar;
    • English composition;
    • Adjectives, adverbs, and modals;
    • Punctuation;
    • Style;
    • Conjunctions and connections;
    • Noun clauses and conditionals;
    • Active and passive voices, etc.


    Besides, you will find information about journalism, media writing, editing, creativity, etc.


    Use a Vivid Structure


    It’s important to make your texts easy and interesting to read. Accordingly, you ought to consider your structure and style. Vary sentences and their types, use the active voice, avoid junk words, give heed to specific verbs and nouns, etc. Obligatorily add some infographics, tables, images, bullet lists, and similar features. Shorten every sentence and paragraph if it’s possible. Divide the sections of your articles with the help of the heading and subheadings. Thus, your texts will be easy and pleasant to read.


    Sharpen Your Grammar and Language


    Nobody wants to read articles with many mistakes or words that don’t fit the main idea. Therefore, you should give heed to your grammar and the choice of a lexicon. Begin with the basics and steadily go to the advanced level. It’s wise to use grammar checkers mentioned above or some other to scan your texts and be sure they are free of mistakes. Take notes about your typical mistakes to avoid them.


    Read a lot to enlarge your vocabulary. If you commonly write about medicine, use specialized literature related to this sphere. Keep your own vocabulary that contains appropriate words, phrases, idioms, etc. to use in your writing.


    The prompts highlighted in our article are universal. Regardless of your writing specification and style, they suit every content writer. Make sure you master and continuously improve them all. Thus, you’ll become a successful author and thousands of people would be eager to read your articles.

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