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  • 7 mHealth iOS & Android Apps that are Transforming Healthcare Sector

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    Seemingly, we have advanced a lot from where we stood before digital technologies knocked at our doors. But of what use is an advancement if it doesn’t directly benefit the mankind? That isn’t dedicated to serving the human aspects of us? Clearly nothing. But then the good thing about technology has always been that it doesn’t choose, and allows anyone with an idea to create a solution. And that is why, today, we have the best healthcare apps available on the palm of our hands right away, which are reducing complex medical challenges to smithereens with their all-inclusive interfaces. And not only that, most of the mHealth apps now focus at shifting control to the user, as in medical cases, the power to initiate an action makes more sense in the user’s hands, so that they can report a health issue or an emergency from their end, whenever they need to.



    In this article, we will talk about some of the best Healthcare or mHealth apps, and even focus on empowering the users to seek best medical & healthcare services on their own.


    Wellthy Diabetes



    When it comes to controlling Diabetes, nothing comes as close as Wellthy Diabetes does. The thing about Diabetes is that it bothers the patient especially when not actively controlled. And the keep to controlling Diabetes is food and exercises. Wellthy brings a complete healthy routine for those with Diabetes, and assists them throughout their day, making sure they stick to a healthy routine. The app readily integrates with your lifestyle with personalized coaching in step-wise manner, learns about what your diet and optimizes your diet so that you don’t to give up on sweet dishes completely. The app also plans a weight loss schedule for you, but with a gradual and guided approach. Exemplifying what a healthcare shall be like, Wellthy offers the much-needed analytics for the patients so that they track progress in their health conditions. The data stored in the analytics dashboard can also be collected and present to your doctor, the next time you see them. But here comes the best part: you don’t need to be wealthy to use Wellthy, as it is available for free on Play Store.


    First Aid – American Red Cross


    Hitting more than a million downloads on Play Store, First Aid is a unique healthcare app that aims to educate people on how to react in case of medical emergencies, with proven techniques, safety tips and preventive measures for different scenarios. The content featured in the app in available in different formats such as video, audio, situation-based quizzes. And because you may not get an internet connection everywhere, which the app understands, ‘First Aid’ maintains a 24x7 available, offline database on your phone. Apart from that, the app also enables one to notify 911 emergency healthcare services throughout US. Some of the major scenarios that the app covers are heart stroke, heat stroke, earthquake, hurricane, tornadoes, bleeding, burns, allergies, asthma attack, chemical emergencies, and drought.


    Doctor on Demand



    The title itself makes it quite easy for anyone to deduce what this app does; gets you a doctor when you need one. But if you think that is the only thing it does, wait till you read more about it. What makes this app unique is that it schedules a session with the best doctors and certified physicians, right from the comforts of your home. Doctor on Demand allows you to connect with doctors with 24x7 live video and live chat on your smartphone or tablet. To schedule an appointment, you have to pay per session, which is actually quite affordable, looking at the convenience the app provides. The app also covers health insurance, including corporate health insurance partners, and can be used by your family members as well.




    Kardia is one of the best medical utility-based app available both on Android and iOS platforms. And the confidence with which we say that comes from the fact that this app allows you to carry your Electrocardiogram, wherever you go, and allows you to check your cardio health on-the-go. A boon for heart patients, the app works with ‘Kardia Mobile’ – a device with electrode pads – that detects heart rate, atrial fibrillation, and other cardiac ails. All you have to do is place your fingertips on the electrode pads and get sheer accurate result on your smartphone connected through a mobile app, in just 30 seconds.





    An optimum solution built exclusively for obstetricians to estimate the amount of blood loss by QBL (Quantified Blood Loss) method, Triton L&D aims to reduce maternal deaths from blood loss during labour or postpartum stages. Triton L&D is quite effective in preventing obstetric haemorrhages with the help of real-time monitoring on the Triton L&D mobile app, which helps surgeons and obstetricians make quicker, situational decisions. Triton L&D offers a kit to estimate blood loss that consists of a Bluetooth weigh scale linked to the Triton L&D mobile app. The wireless weigh scale measures the weight of lost blood, by weighing the blood absorbents used during the procedure. The Triton L&D kit works even better with Triton OR, which is a blood loss monitoring display designed to be used in the operating room.



    There are many healthcare apps on app distribution stores that offer B2C utility, meaning they offer direct healthcare assistance to users. But there are only a handful of applications that offer value to healthcare services so that the system can be improved from the inside. OptoView is among the latter kind, and provides a comprehensive tool for primary care providers like eye check-up clinics, to collect and forward retinal exam reports to eye specialists. By assisting in retinal screening, OptoView allows ophthalmologists to save time on appointments.


    Fully compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and insurance companies, OptoView pairs up with any smartphone-integrated ophthalmoscope, and records and shares raw HD videos of retinal exams to ophthalmologists.  


    MyChart for Ballad Health

    There are so many aspects to maintaining good health that a person shall be updated on. But things get difficult when there is too much to maintain, especially if you also have family members whose responsibilities lie on your shoulder. We wish there was an app that managed all these aspects from a single dashboard, don’t we? Well, turns out there is an app that does all this: MyChart for Ballad Health helps you take care of all these aspects, and more. MyChart enables you to keep a track of you and your family’s medical records and prescriptions, so that you can ask for resupply for medicines you were prescribed. You can also collect test results and send queries regarding the test reports. If you are serious about regular health check-ups, this app could save you a lot of time by fixing doctor’s appointment, text your doctor for queries, and even pay your medical bills with it.


    The proliferation of mHealth apps has given us and the healthcare industry a new perspective on how healthcare services can be sought and delivered. Core medical health apps coupled with fitness apps have come up as a great cumulative source of user health data. And looking at the pace with which new ideas are taking shape in healthcare sector, we can expect real-time intelligent services in the near future.

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